Post a Day / Motion blur..

Yes, I decided to publish a post per day, but sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration.
Here’s my postaday, anyway.Splash! A photo from my archive!
But tomorrow is a new day and my inspiration will hopefully flow like normal again.


21 replies to “Post a Day / Motion blur..

    1. Blir glad att du uppskattar bilden och att du faktiskt inte känner igen den. Den har varit med tidigare men för flera år sen i en annan blogg, så det är kanske inte så konstigt. 😉

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    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment. Very much appreciated! I think I need to translate “about me” into English, assuming you don´t understand Swedish and translated through google. It’s good that it’s possible even if it’s never completely correct. Like my English 😉
      I’m very glad you want to follow my blog and my pictures and look forward to following your interesting and exciting site. // Anita

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      1. LOL. Yes my Swedish is a lot rusty although we would love to be able to converse in that language. It is great your site has google translate built in. Some of our followers we follow don’t have it so we go back and forth from google translate.
        Yes Anita we are intrigued by your photography talent and always learn from others in the field. We study it continually. It is nice that you will be following along with us and seeing our works. One day maybe we’ll be able to travel there to see the beauty in person but for now we’ll just have to savor it through your lenses.

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