WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific

This week, Krista asks us what “Prolific” makes us think about. The most prolific must be the earth itself as home of all known life. Water, microorganisms, oxygen, mammals, dinosaurs, flowers, insects, humans…
A never ending process, of which these images are just a tiny fraction from my little corner of the earth.The nature, not always easy for humans to explore, but we are attracted and we are curious about it. …and we are part of an amazing landscape and scenery. In search for life and color.We all know that behind the clouds the sky is always blue but rarely think of the valuable air we breathe. And when the sun sets, another day is gone and life on earth continues in an eternal circle, constantly prolific. With or without homo sapiens…

All images are from Majjistral National Park here in Malta April 2018.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Prolific

47 replies to “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific

      1. I think if we can get out of our own heads and troubling thoughts, and away from the stress and anxiety of modern living, we can see and experience so much the natural world has to offer.

  1. Trodde att min engelska var riktigt bra. Det var den inte. Fick faktiskt använda Google translate för ordet “prolific”. Alltid lär man sig något nytt här i Blogglandia.
    Bilderna är som alltid helt underbara. Tänkte faktiskt att människan inte bidragit med något egentligen, alltså något som är “prolific”. Däremot har hon bidragit till att förstöra mycket i naturen bland annat.

    1. Håller med till 100 %!!! Om vi människor inte fanns skulle naturen klara sig alldeles galant. Visste inte heller vad “prolific” var, inget ord som används till vardags iallalfall 😁

    1. Thank you very much Karolina for your kind words. I feel honored, very grateful and I´m so happy that you appreciate my blog. Wish you a wonderful weekend 🌸💖🌸

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL post, Anita!!! I love Your words as much as I love Your amazing photographs. All true. So lovely. The beauty where You live and Your joyful/thoughtful perspective gifts SOOOOO much JOY! And I agree; this amazing planet will keep doing her thing with or without us. Thank You!!! Cheers! 🤗💖☀️🐬😊!

  3. And did I somehow miss part 2 of the story You were telling about what was around the bend when Y’all were hiking? Something about Fanny doing great in an adventure? I’ve looked and I don’t see it……

    1. Thank you Katy, you haven´t missed anything, I´m actually working on part 2 right now 😁😁 The pictures are no problem but the writing 😕 It takes sooo long for me to try to describe our experience in short sentences. For a while I thought I would write in Swedish but decided NO!! By the way, we just came back home after another 3 hrs tour in the park in search for the way around 🐕 😀 Quite exhausted, but we had an amazing day hiking in the fantastic scenery 🐾 😎 🐾

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