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  1. Man ska vara medveten om att man har ögonen på sig ute i naturen 😀 De som jag ser är gulliga och inte alls creepy. Härliga fynd!

  2. Nu kommer jag att drömma om Stephen Kings skräckfilmer hela natten;-) Bra fångat Anita! Du har verkligen ögonen med dig – som alltid:-)

  3. ANITA!!! I LOVE this post!!! Du gav mig bara mitt första skratt av dagen. Och citatet från Einstein är strålande och underbart för mig att höra just nu. TACK!!!! Allvarligt underbara bilder och tankar. Skickar din vackra havsback med en stor kram och många tack !!! Torsdagens stranddag var underbart! 🤗💖☀️🐬😊

    1. You are fantastic Katy and it´s real fun to read your comments in Swedish! Its like I already even know You better alreayd!!! Thank you so much. And, believe it or not!!! The day after we had contact via email I got the third book. Alanza!!!! Like magic!!! 💖😃😁🌼

      1. Jippie! Jag är så glad att Alanza kom! Och det är så kul att använda översättaren! Jag hoppas att något gnäller på mig. Svenska är visuellt så vacker att titta på. Jag ber om ursäkt för att jag inte tänkte på det tidigare !!! ☀️💖🤗🌷🐬

        1. 😁
          ☀️ Sol
          🐬 Delfin
          ☀️ Sol
          🐬 Delfin
          No complains, just having FUN and I love to interpret your thoughts💗 🌸 💗 😍



          1. ! Love this!!! Sol. Delphin. Lovely! I have a feeling the translator may be saying some odd things I don’t mean! 🤣☀️ I use it and have no idea what it’s saying. Lord! I sure hope I’m not leaving a trail of very odd statements on my international friend’s blogs. Ack!!! 😳🤣😊

            1. No worries Katy!!!! I guarantee, nothing odd has been said and everyone who reads understand that this is a translation via google. But I can for sure understand Your feelings and concern when You can´t be sure what You actually write. It has been fun, for both of us but to make You feel more confident and for me to improve my English I suggest that we continue to comment as we usual does. 🌹🌸 💗😊💗 Hugs from Malta!!! 😁

            2. Oh! Your English is WONDERFUL!!! Seriously! I will play with the translator now and again as it’s so very fun. People are kind so I’m sure they understand when my words come out funny in their language! I’m in a hurry today, so just doing this. You are so wonderfully fun though. Thank You for Your open-hearted playfulness! Huge hugs!!!! 😄❤️🌸🌿🐬

            3. Go on and play with the translator, I also enjoy it very much and other people understand for sure when it sometimes gets a bit wrong 😀
              Feeling better already and almost back to normal even though I sometimes wonder what “normal” really means !! Life is constantly up or down or somewhere in between or everything at the same time.😄😄 Better trying to enjoy life whatever happens and always try to keep a positive mind. Cheers and have a great weekend Katy 🌸💗😄 Tomorrow I will try to get Fanny to swim in the ocean for the first time 🐾🐾 🐕 💖

            4. Hey! Yes…..the word “normal” is pretty funny. My boyfriend and the passage of time have both convinced me that we’re all probably a bit wackadoodle and that there is no such thing as normal. I agree with You about life! It’s a living dancing swirl of exactly what You said!!!! And yet I catch myself wanting it to just stoppit sometimes. 🤣 I truly love Your thoughts here. They are perfectly timed for me to read this morning. Lost some sleep over a matter with my elderly mother. Am frustrated with some choices to be made and such. It’s nice to read Your words. Thank You for them!!! Och tack! Jag kommer att spela med översättaren nu och igen! Jag hoppas att Fanny njuter av sitt första havsbad! Det är min favorit sak ganska mycket på planeten! Skickar enorma kramar och önskemål för en vacker dag för er alla !!! 🐬🤗💖☀️🐳

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