The Caterpillar Story…

Lovely butterflies! I’ve not seen so many of them this summer. I used to capture a lot among our plants on our roof terrace, which is now gone. These are from Sicily while those in the circles were taken in Malta.

Thank you! I’ll will reply and I’ll visit your site, as soon as I catch up with my time. You are all precious!! Take care out there. Love from Malta 💕


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  1. I’m currently staying in North India in the Himalayan foothills. The sheer abundance of wildlife here is astounding. The butterflies are in their hundreds and I’m feeling so blessed to see so many everyday. I took a video of one resting the other day but slowly opening and closing its wings. I laid my finger next to it ( it as on he stairs) and it climbed on and stayed there. Beautiful x

    1. ..and it’s true! Thanks for you comment Bertramson. I try to visit everyone who give a comment here but I couldn’t find your site.

    1. Thank you for your comment Jean! Yes, they are tough to capture with the camera but with some luck and patience you can also manage the same.

  2. Nature’s beauty and wonder! There’s a quote I read- ‘just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly’! Your pictures reminded me of this inspirational quote! Thanks for posting such lovely pics!

      1. Yhur welcome…m new here I jst started this blogging of a thing…my passion is write..I write write ups stories ,poems nd stuffs like that..which I will start posting anytime soon..I need yur support ,love Nd guidance..will be so happy and grateful if yhu can be my first fellower

  3. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder .your living natural beauty description has no less importance than your sharp eyes which can penetrate withing the depth of living beauty of nature which is eternal truth of tenderness of living natural beauty which is not in graps of general people with a little regard for lives in nature.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated! Sadly, I couldn’t find your blog, I always try to visit those who give me a comment.

    1. Thanks for your comment you nameless. I’m happy you let the caterpillar free 😀
      Unfortunately I couldn’t find you blog via your comment.

  4. These are exquisite photos, thanks for offering them. I am also doing a nature photo essay blog If you have a second please check it out. Frank Toller

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