The Beauty of Thistles

If your thoughts is a rose, you are a rose garden; and if it is a thistle, you are fuel for the fire
– Rumi –

All my life I’ve tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower
wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind

– Abraham Lincoln –Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it
– Confucius –

27 replies to “The Beauty of Thistles

    1. That sounds great! Would be nice to see one of your paintings, I’ll have a look at your site. Thanks for commenting Terry.

  1. Som alltid enastående bilder! Du visar verkligen tistlarnas skönhet. Har alltid gillat dom, för de är på något sätt annorlunda blommor som inte liknar någon annan tycker jag. Tycker även om de minst sagt passande citaten du lagt upp. Bra research där!

    1. I believe there are thistles even in your place on earth. Thank you kindly for your comment Miss N! I tried to comment twice at your site but for some reason my comments disappeared.

      1. Hi Anita! I am so sorry that you had to try three times. But really, I was awed that you did not give up. It really warmed my heart. Thank you so very much for that. Your comments did not get through because you were commenting for the first time, and I had to approved it first before your succeeding comments could get through. I want to apologize for that. Now all comments can get through in a breeze 🙂

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