37 replies to “Flower of the Day

  1. Riktiga konstverk – igen! Vilken vacker blomma och den lilla fjärilen är ju ett konstverk i sig med sina mönstrade vingar och “ögonen” längst ned. Har nog aldrig sett en sådan fjäril förut.

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  2. What a gorgeous set of photos – well done! 🙂

    The flower is one of the Osteospermums, sometimes called African or Cape Daisies. I have several plants in my garden, white and purple, but i have never caught a butterfly in one (yet!) 😉 I did catch a tiny white spider in one once!

    Did you see the ‘other’ side of the butterfly’s wing? A beautiful blue! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much. I do appreciate that you gave the flower its name. They are really beautiful! I missed the “other” side of the wing. It was so tiny and moving very fast. I’m glad I got at least some picture of it. Hopefully it will come back so I get another chance 😁

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  3. Så vackert! Fjärilar är så vackra men attans så svåra att fota. Du har lyckats superbra. Dessutom ljuvlig färg på blomman (säger en rosa-fantast 😉 ) Snyggt!!

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  4. I can’t believe i saw these beautiful pictures only a little over a month ago!

    I had forgotten about them. 😦

    On the nice side i got to enjoy them as if seeing them for the first time all over again – Yayy! 😉

    Thanks for the link back. 🙂

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