Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

It was not easy to select favourites from last year. This is how it turned out.

These amazing insects.
If I could turn myself into any bug or insect;
I would like to be a butterfly and fill colours, beauty and happiness in other’s lives.”
– Miti Sengupta

My beloved Basenji dogs Fanny and Felicia.
Mother and daughter, my precious family members
“Love is a wet nose and a wagging tail.”
— Unknown

Flowers and colours.
Flowers make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”
– Luther Burbank

Click on the link below to see photos that others have chosen as their favorites
LAP #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

31 replies to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

  1. Ytterligare ett helt fantastiskt fotoår för din del! Å rubrikbilden är absolut den bästa av alla underbara bilder du tagit.
    Räknar kallt med att 2023 blir lika fint som 2022:-)

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  2. Oh Anita … this is like looking at the best pics of a National Geographic magazine! The one are as beautiful as the next! If I have to choose my favourite … I just love your doggy photos!


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