Akamas National Park

Now that it’s a little cooler, we’re starting to explore nature here in Cyprus. Close to where we live is Akamas National Park where an amazing variety of flora and fauna can be found in an area of ​​230 km².

But, it’s very dry now that we are at the end of the summer and almost nothing is blooming.
Luckily I found this little creature to photograph, as well as the one and only plant with its white flowers.

On our way to and from the park we pass the donkeys and a very old olive tree.
Sure, it looks like the donkeys are dancing..

Neo Chorio, Cyprus
18 September 2021

Hello from Cyprus!

We have now been in Cyprus for almost three weeks and these are my very first pictures from where we live right now, on the outskirts of Latchi Marina located between Neo Chorio and Polis very close to the sea.

We are not far from the Baths of Aphrodite where I’ve been a couple of times because of it’s sandy beach.
💓Shaded by an old fig tree, amidst lush greenery, legend tells that the Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite used to bathe in the waters. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite met her lover Adonis at this beautiful spot when he stopped for a drink whilst hunting, and fell in love with her the moment when he drank the water.”💓

Since we arrived it has been very hot here on the island, a heat wave is going on but the doggies are doing well.

Polis and Neo Chorio are two very small villages while Latchi is a marina and holiday resort. We will not settle here permanently but on the other side of the mountains, closer to the city of Paphos which is about an hour from here by car.

Neo Chorio, Paphos, Cyprus 13 August 2021