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by Anita

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WPC- Unusual


An unusual type of art on the sidewalk along the Mediterranean here in Malta.
It’s like walking on shells which will soon fade away..

Weekly Photo Challenge / Unusual

Photo of the Day


I found this sweet little Dragonfly when we were at Piscopo Garden in Burmarrad to buy some new plants. There were lots of colorful flowers, but the Dragonfly seemed to prefer to hang on a stick.The wings were angled as if it tried to protect the body. I don´t know why but so it sat when I left…

Flowers and Colors


It has been very hot recently here in Malta. Consequently, several of our plants on the terrace faded away. But some are still beautiful though.

Yesterday we bought some new flowers, and a few chili fruits, to add more colors.

WPC Collage – Photography


In order to not become too monotonous, here’s something completely different… A small collage of some nice hats!

Weekly Photo Challenge


Photo of the day


Have just started trying to create some kind of collage. It goes quite slow but it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fun. Practice makes perfect 😉Try again!! No, this does not work well and takes too much of my time.
Back to normal and the reality instead.

Lines and blue sky…


Yes, there´is one particular pic that doesn’t really fit in. The typical Maltese window that I couldn’t resist.

Click on an image to enlarge. The order is random.

Post a Day / Motion blur..


Yes, I decided to publish a post per day, but sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration.
Here’s my postaday, anyway.Splash! A photo from my archive!
But tomorrow is a new day and my inspiration will hopefully flow like normal again.


Beach life…


Some pics from last weekend in Golden Bay, one of Malta’s few sandy beaches. Most common along the Mediterranean are rocks made of limestone. The special honey-yellow stone, which sometimes looks like sand.It’s now 26 degrees in the Mediterranean.Watermelon, sweet and seedless…The sun is strong, the waves are high, the sand is soft and this is…

Beach life…
…seen through my camera lens.

Bridge WPC


Since there was no real bridge in my last contribution, I make a new post.
Here you will find some bridges from different places in the world. Enjoy!

 If you like, take your time and click on an image to enlarge, to each image there’s a short text.
The order is random.

Weekly Photography Challenge


Gozo’s lost icon…


Where the Azure Window once stood… …there is not much left today.
This is what I saw when I visited Gozo last weekend.

I felt sad when I read about it, after so many times I have visited The Azure Window on the island of Gozo in Malta, which also was a major tourist attraction. Something once created by nature after decades, also became destroyed by the nature. It collapsed completely in stormy weather on 8 March 2017.These are memories and history…. …Gozo is still a small gem in the Mediterranean.

Relaxation by the sea


Linking this to Wordless Wednesday

Fat (111/365)


Trivialt och ganska platt men färgerna matchar lite av min header. Att finna motiv och skapa alldagliga bilder på ett sätt som fångar betraktarens intresse, kan också det vara en konst, om än motivet i sig är ointressant.

Sammanhållning (99/365)


 Tycker det syns ganska tydligt att det finns en gemenskap här, en genuin sammanhållning dem emellan, att de trivs och har kul tillsammans. Något som man ser mycket av här på gågatan utmed Sarawak river i Kuching.

Smidig (98/365)


Smidig och lätt, med mjuka rörelser och med ankaret, nästan graciöst vilande på sina axlar.

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