• Basenji

    🤍 Today, my beloved Fanny turns four years old.🤍 Pre-Moving Checklist: Today I have gone through all the papers, forms, insurance, declarations etc… I need to decide what to store in the container and what to take in our suitcases when we fly… Twelve days left…

  • By The Sea

    There is no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have. Pre-Moving Checklist: Today I only packed two boxes, then I went swimming. It’s hot here now and 27 degrees in the mediterranean sea. Thirteen days left…

  • The Fly

    “I’m just Another Insect on the Windshield of Life” – Don Mashak. “Watching house flies at close proximity to catch them rubbing their hands is my new hobby” – Mr. M ” An optimist is a fellow who believes a housefly is looking for at way to get out” – George Jean Nathan Pre-Moving Checklist: […]

  • Luzzu – Malta

    It’s been a while now since I showed some of the colorful boats which are so typical for Malta, the luzzu’s. A luzzu is a traditional fishing boat and often considered as a symbol of Malta. They are usually painted in bright colours while the bow often has a pair of eyes. “The Eye of […]

  • Flower of The Day

    Greater Snapdragon. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day Pre-Moving Checklist: Has found out what requirements apply to bring our dogs into Cyprus from Malta. Passport / Rabies vaccination date / Microchip Number etc. Sixteen days left…

  • Malta Doors

    Have you ever thought about how many doors there are? Doors can really look different depending on where in the world you are. I’m from Sweden, live in Malta and will soon move to Cyprus after twenty years on this small Mediterranean island. Here I have chosen to show a selection of traditional Maltese doors. […]

  • Extraordinary

    “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank Pre-Moving Checklist:The dogs have got used to their travel cage. Though they don’t know they will be locked in and stored in the baggage compartment during the flight. Eighteen days left…

  • The Tree

    It’s been a while now since the last post so I’ve decided to try to post a picture a day from now on. At least one image a day either from my archive like the one above or a newly taken image. My thoughts right now are mostly about organizing our move to Cyprus. It’s […]

  • A Rose is a Rose is a…

    Someone has planted roses along the path where I usually walk with my dogs here in Rabat. Every time i walk by the flowers have changed, sometimes there are no flowers at all but there are always new buds coming up. The meaning of “A rose is a rose is a rose” is often attributed […]

  • Green & Blue

    A lush green Malta just before the summer drought takes over while the sky and sea remain equally blue all year round. Will this be my last summer in Malta? After twenty yrs on this tiny island in the Mediterranean, it’s time to move on. The one way ticket to Cyprus is booked, we have […]

  • Monday’s photos

    A bee and a plant… …and some kind of spider that seems to have captured a very small creature, barely visible. Malta 24 May 2021

  • Today’s mood..

    Found these little stones on my desk the other day. What more is needed to create some joy. Thank you my dear husband, you always have something going on while your brain is constantly in full swing for new inventions. Wish you a Happy weekend from Malta!

  • Another Wild Plant

    Here’s another interesting find within the huge kingdom of plants.What do you think is so special about this one? Does it produce something edible? This very special plant is considered to be one of Malta’s most beautiful flowers! Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Flower of The Day

    With reference to yesterday’s green plant and the question, “What are you looking at?”. It wasn’t as simple as I thought but it’s certainly a kind of onion-plant. Onion is a vegetable cultivated species of the genus Allium, Allium is Latin for Garlic. But the Allium family includes more than just onions so I had […]

  • On the Farmer’s Field

    What are you looking at?

  • Some Recently Taken Images…

    … and some quotes that are not related to the images, or maybe they are in one way or another. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” — Tina Fey “The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in […]

  • Artwork of Nature

    “The beauty of the Natural World lies in the Details” – Natalie Angier “To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature”– Auguste Rodin “Choose only one master – Nature”– Rembrandt “Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.– Isaac Newton” “All nature wears one universal grin” – Henry Fielding Below are […]

  • Flower of The Day

    Maltese name: Ħalib it-tajr kbir English name: Large Star of Bethlehem Flowering time: April-May Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Miġra l-Ferħa

    Last weekend we went to Miġra l-Ferħa which is just a few kilometers from Rabat where we live. As you can see in the image above, the cliffs are high and plunge vertically down to the sea while people and cars look like miniatures. Miġra l-Ferħa, Malta – May 2021

  • Going Nuts

    In January, the almond trees bloomed. Today there are no flowers left but the fruits are now maturing. I read that when the fruit ripens about seven months after flowering, it dries up and opens up. When mature, these turn into greyish-green, fleshy fruit, which split open to reveal the hard-pitted shell of the almond […]

  • Lovely Spring!

    It feels wonderful to be able to go out and find nature just around the corner. I’ll never regret moving from Sliema to Rabat. Even if it’s temporary, this is how I want to live in the future, close to nature along with my lovely dogs. A selection of images taken while walking my dogs […]

  • Different Views

    Next to Rabat, where we just moved, is Mdina. The ancient city dates back 4,000 years, is older than Valletta and was the capital of Malta from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Mdina is today also referred to as the ‘Silent City’. This view was taken just a few steps from where we live.From a […]

  • Yellow Mellow

    Above are some trifling knowledge, a couple of quotes and some flowers from yesterday’s walk with my doggies. I chose the yellow ones, there are plenty of them now. Don’t forget to click on an image to enlarge. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day By the way, we’ve moved from Sliema to Rabat! Nature […]

  • Poppy- Flower of The Day

    Yesterday I saw the first poppies of the year, one of my favorites when it comes to wildflowers. “The earth laughs in flowers.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson” The purple is not as common as the red ones. Sure, they’re all beautiful!“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” […]

  • Basenji Malta – Fanny & Felicia

    This post is dedicated to my lovely dogs Fanny and Felicia. They bring so much joy and have completely changed my life and daily routines. Fanny came to us as a puppy in November 2017, Felicia, her daughter, was born September 27, 2020. 💚 Mother and daughter, soon to be the same size 💚 Unforgettable […]

  • Malta’s Countryside

    My precious dog Fanny almost disappears in this picture, but she can be seen down there, on the edge. And if you look closely, Felicia can also be seen among the bushes on the side. I didn’t even see her myself until I enlarged the image. Here are a selection of photos from Malta’s countryside, […]

  • Gladiolus – Wild plants of Malta

    This is one of many colorful wild flowers that can be seen here on the island right now. The beautiful gladioli are sometimes called the sword lily because of the sword-shaped leaves of the plants in this genus but the most widely-used English common name for these plants is simply gladiolus. This lovely flower appear […]

  • Almond trees, Flowers & Nuts

    Species name: Prunus dulcis Maltese name: Siġra tal-Lewż English name: Almond Status for Malta: Non-native species, but introduced in Malta before 1492 when Columbus discovered the New World. Flowering Time: Dec-Feb. But they are still in bloom here in Malta, even though we are in the middle of March. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The […]

  • Flower & Color of The Day – Mimosa

    Malta’s Countryside in March 2021 Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Swallowtail – The Queen’s Butterfly

    I’m happy that this year’s first butterfly that I managed to capture was this special species,”The Queen’s Butterfly”. The dry blade of grass may be seen as a disturbing detail, but I decided to leave it instead of wasting time editing. I was lucky to capture another one of these rare beauties. I read that […]

  • Flower & Color of The Day

    I still have some pictures left from the bouquet of tulips that I bought in early February. In a previous post, I showed the pink ones while these have shades of orange, red and yellow with hints of green. Please click on one of the images above to enlarge, then it will be more colorful! […]

  • Life is good…

    The pandemic cannot be ignored, it is here and we are all affected in one way or another. Therefore, it’s so important to try to pick out the positive parts of our everyday lives. Even the smallest things can mean a lot. I really enjoy the beautiful flowers and colors of Spring. Being surrounded by […]

  • Gerbera – Flower of The Day

    Gerberas are believed to symbolize Beauty, Innocence, and Purity. “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” – Pablo Picasso “Whether the flower or the color is the focus I do not know. I do know the flower is painted large to convey my experience with the flower – and what is my experience […]

  • Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Letter S

    Silhouette by the Sea Sun & SkySolitude Smart Small & Satisfied DogsSpectacular Steep Scenery Seaweeds on the Shore Simplicity Silence & Serenity Splendid Surroundings Għajn Tuffieħa, Riviera Bay, Malta February 2021 Lens-Artists #136 – “Subjects Starting with the Letter–S”.

  • Wild Plants of Malta – Narcissus Tazetta

    The beautiful wild flower Narcissus Tazetta has flourished in diversity here on the island of Malta since time immemorial. Today, there are significantly fewer of these beauties seen in nature, mainly due to its attractiveness and delicious scent which leads to man being tempted to pick them. It may be easy to be tempted, but […]

  • Dog Joy

    Fanny, her daughter Felicia and their best friend Freja running and playing in a sea of ​​greenery and white flowers. Running together in nature without a leash is pure joy, both for the dogs and their owners. My dear husband, our best friend Fredrik, two basenji’s and a very cute American beagle. Here we go!!! […]

  • Tulips – Flower of The Day

    I bought a bouquet of tulips, in two different colors, three pink and four red. That was then, now they have begun to fade. But my images do not wither, they remain as long as I choose to keep them, I can keep them alive. “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t […]

  • Basenji & Great Dane – Play with me!

    Felicia met a new friend in Ta Qali the other day, his name is Logan.. Logan is a three-year-old sixty-kilo Great Dane while Felicia is a four-month-old seven-kilo Basenj. Felicia was a little hesitant at first and so was Logan. But soon she becomes braver and wants to play! And they played!!! 💚“The size doesn’t […]

  • Penang Street Art – Today’s Memories

    It feels like quite a long time now since I visited the island of Penang in Malaysia but sometimes memories last forever. These images are a selection of pictures that I took of the amazing Street Art that can be found in the city of George Town. This is one of my favorites, the children […]

  • Almond Blossom – Flower of The Day

    Almond trees are now in full bloom on the island of Malta. “Almond blossom, sent to teach us, that the Spring days soon will reach us” – Edvin Arnold Malta 01 February 2021 Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day