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  • Today’s Flower….

    Today’s Flower….

    It was a great surprise that I found today’s flower on an almond tree this morning, they are supposed to bloom in the spring. But considering that the whole world seems a bit upside down right now, maybe it wasn’t that strange. Anyhow, here are some newly captured photos from my little corner of the…

  • I Couldn’t Resist..

    No, I couldn’t resist creating another post with almond blossoms. I see them everywhere, these beautiful flowering trees that mean spring is here. For some reason I don’t manage to photograph the whole flowering tree, it just gets messy, so I choose to only show the close-ups, the details. You can see for yourself the…

  • Autumn Mood

    Autumn Mood

    Tsada is a village located at an altitude of 605 meters with a climate that favors the cultivation of vines, carob trees, olive trees, walnuts, almonds and fruit trees. This is where we live now, closer to the house we bought in Zelemenos where we hopefully can move in by spring. Above is the view…

  • Almond trees, Flowers & Nuts

    Species name: Prunus dulcis Maltese name: Siġra tal-Lewż English name: Almond Status for Malta: Non-native species, but introduced in Malta before 1492 when Columbus discovered the New World. Flowering Time: Dec-Feb. But they are still in bloom here in Malta, even though we are in the middle of March. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The…

  • Flower of The Day

    Yesterday I saw an almond tree that was already blooming, although it was mostly buds. It’s a lovely flower.It feels like spring though it’s still winter here on the island.“Almond blossom, sent to teach us That the Spring days soon will reach us” – Edwin Arnold – Susan’s Flowers on Fridays Cee’s Photo Challenge.

  • A sense of spring

    When the almond trees bloom here on the island, it feels like spring has come.Malta 22 January 2017


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