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  • Bornean Green-Magpie

    Bornean Green-Magpie

    Sometimes, you find forgotten treasures when you look through your photo archive, and this is one that I would like to share: the Bornean Green Magpie. The pictures were taken in 2016 in Kinabalu Park, Borneo, and are not that great, but the bird is so beautiful and well worth showing anyway. The Bornean Green-Magpie…

  • Happy Birthday Fanny!!

    Happy Birthday Fanny!!

    💜Happy birthday my most precious Fanny.💜 💜Today you turn six years old, time flies.💜💜Love you so much.💜 I’m sorry that the pictures of you today didn’t turn out so well. You are much more beautiful in real life. 🧡Thank you for being here, always by my side.🧡

  • Precious Memories

    Precious Memories

    Fanny Mom and her daughter Felicia. Below are some pictures from the year 2020 when Fanny gave birth to six puppies. Felicia’s siblings are all still in Malta. Luna, Paco, Cinnamon, Gin and Milo. Precious memories. 🧡❤️💛💙💚💜

  • Basenji My beloved Dogs

    Basenji My beloved Dogs

    My beloved dogs, without them, I wouldn’t go for long nature walks, without them there wouldn’t be any photos. We don’t always walk close together, they look for their own adventures while I’m looking for something special to photograph. But we always keep an eye on each other. Felicia, two years and three months old.…

  • My Lovely Basenji’s

    My Lovely Basenji’s

    My lovely dogs, they give me headache, they give me joy. They are so similar but at the same time very different. Felicia, one year and four months old still behaves like a puppy. She’s full of energy, she chews on my shoes and toilet paper is great fun to bite into crumbs. Fanny turns…

  • By the Sea

    By the Sea

    Fanny and Felicia, mother and daughter. They love to play and run along the endless beach while I enjoy seeing them have fun together. “Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison.

  • Happy Birthday Felicia!

    Time goes by so fast, too fast. Today is one year since Felicia was born… ❣️❣️Happy Birthday my sweet little princess..❣️❣️ …and Happy Birthday to Felicia’s five lovely sibblings in Malta! 💓💓Cinnamon, Paco, Milo, Gin and Luna💓💓 Precious memories from a time gone by. Neo Chorio, Cyprus 27 September 2021

  • Akamas National Park

    Now that it’s a little cooler, we’re starting to explore nature here in Cyprus. Close to where we live is Akamas National Park where an amazing variety of flora and fauna can be found in an area of ​​230 km². But, it’s very dry now that we are at the end of the summer and…

  • ..where Dreams are Born

    “Come with me, where Dreams are Born, and Days are Never planned” – Peter Pan Chrysochou Bay, Polis, Paphos, Cyprus 20 August 2021

  • Miġra l-Ferħa

    Last weekend we went to Miġra l-Ferħa which is just a few kilometers from Rabat where we live. As you can see in the image above, the cliffs are high and plunge vertically down to the sea while people and cars look like miniatures. Miġra l-Ferħa, Malta – May 2021

  • Basenji Malta – Fanny & Felicia

    This post is dedicated to my lovely dogs Fanny and Felicia. They bring so much joy and have completely changed my life and daily routines. Fanny came to us as a puppy in November 2017, Felicia, her daughter, was born September 27, 2020. 💚 Mother and daughter, soon to be the same size 💚 Unforgettable…

  • Malta’s Countryside

    My precious dog Fanny almost disappears in this picture, but she can be seen down there, on the edge. And if you look closely, Felicia can also be seen among the bushes on the side. I didn’t even see her myself until I enlarged the image. Here are a selection of photos from Malta’s countryside,…


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