Bye Bye Kuching…

Riverbank Suite, Hilton, Sarawak State Legislative Assembly and Kuching City Mosque. Not exactly in that order 😉

Goodbye to all the amazing people we meet in the market and on the streets.

Symbols, Culture and traditions.Kuching, a city in harmony, as written.

I almost forgot the amazing animals! Proboscis and OrangUtans are only found in Borneo, and there are lots of different kinds of birds. The rainforest in Sarawak is unique, these pics are from my last visit in Borneo.Hopefully our flowers look the same as when we left Malta five weeks ago.I’m not worried I just hope everything will go well. I’m looking forward to come back home to Malta. Then, after a week fly to Sweden and pick up our new family member Fanny, it will be fun and quite exiting!

Windows, windows…

Windows and reflections in Kuching, Sarawak.Windows in Kuala Lumpur.Windows and reflections in Kuching, Sarawak.

In my next post I will choose some more traditional windows.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  / Windows

Sunday Mix from Kuching

Kuching is divided by the Sarawak River where locals often catch fish and shellfish. There are plenty of fish in the river and fishing boats leave the nearby harbor early mornings so you can buy fresh fish in the local market.
The Sarawak River is listed as a location of the Crocodile Removal Zones, whereby the presence of crocodiles in this area pose serious human/crocodile conflicts. In July a 2.5 meter long Sarawak crocodile meet its end. This one was luckily behind bars at a rehabilitation center when I took the picture.Getting from one side to the other is easy with small primitive boats. It takes a few minutes and cost 50 cent. A footbridge will be finished at the end of the year. ThatÂŽs great for me who love long brisk walks.Sunday stroll. Having a dog as a pet isn’t common here in Kuching because of the Muslims. For some reason, they don’t like dogs. In my thoughts I can see my funny little Fanny horsing around among the dismayed Muslims 😉 ..with all due respect!

Weekend pics from Malta

Click on an image to enlarge. To each image there’s a short text.Faith, a necessity whatever it is based on. Faith in the Mediterranean when the sea is calm. Or rent a bike. When I moved here seventeen years ago there were no bikes on the streets.And absolutely no apps either.

These are just a very few pics from another lovely weekend here sunny in Malta, where I chose the theme blue. More to come…

Malta pics..

Examples of Malta’s architecture.

Fun in the sun at the Mediterranean Sea.And finally, one of all the beautiful flowers that bloom here on the island.

Click on the small pictures to enlarge, enjoy Malta 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Textures

In this weeks challenge we will focus on the tactile element of the objects we shoot, whether it’s one distinct quality, softness, smoothness, graininess or any other texture we find interesting or, a combination of several.

As usual, I couldn’t choose only one. All pics are taken in Italy, Sweden or Malta. ItÂŽs a mixture of walls in different shapes and textures. Walls made of bricks, stones or wood. Smooth, hard or painted in soft/strong colors. If you take your time and really look at all pictures, you will find one that is not a wall 😉 Enjoy!

You have to click on an image to enlarge!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Rabat, Victoria / Gozo.

Fler bilder frĂ„n Gozo, den hĂ€r gĂ„ngen frĂ„n Victoria, öns största stad om Ă€n liten. Även hĂ€r mĂ„ste du nog klicka pĂ„ bilderna för att de ska komma till sin fulla rĂ€tt. Till varje bild finns en kort text, ordningen Ă€r slumpvis. Enjoy 🙂

Here`s some more pictures from last weekend in Gozo, this time from Victoria, the largest city on the island. If you like, take your time and click on an image to enlarge, to each image there’s a short text. The order is random. Enjoy !

Enkelt men snyggt (154/365)

Enkelt men snyggt för jag tycker verkligen att det hÀr Àr snyggt. Tegeltak, den fina takkupan, faluröd fasad och vita fönsterkarmar. Enkelt, för inte var det sÀrskilt svÄrt att fotografera men det finns inte att hitta pÄ Malta.

Gemytlig miljö (133/365)

Det blev mÄnga bilder under veckan i Stockholm dÀr jag helst gick runt pÄ Södermalm. Mariaberget och Bastugatan med utsikt över RiddarfjÀrden eller pÄ andra sidan Götgatan, vid Mosebacke och Cornelispark. KÀnns som en gemytlig miljö att promenera runt i med kameran dÀr nytt delar plats med Àldre bevarade hus. KÀnns nÀstan svÄrt att förestÀlla sig att bakom det hÀr huset strÀcker stora delar av Stockholm ut sig. FrÄn StadsgÄrdskajen över vattnet pÄ andra sidan dÀr bl.a DjurgÄrden med Gröna lund och Skeppsholmen syns.

TakÄsar (131/365)

ÅtervĂ€nder till mina bilder frĂ„n besöket i Stockholm för nĂ„gon vecka sen. Det hĂ€r finns inte att hitta pĂ„ Malta. Varken nĂ€r det gĂ€ller fĂ€rg, byggnadsmaterial eller arkitektur och dĂ€rmed finns hĂ€r inte heller nĂ„gra takĂ„sar.

Eget tema 5: TakÄsar

Gömd (119/365)

Tröttnar nog aldrig pÄ att vandra runt i de Àldre bevarade kvarter som finns kvar i Stockholm. Bakom varje hörn ligger ofta Ànnu en gata gömd vÀrd att upptÀcka. Som hÀr, vad finns att se utmed LÄnga gatan pÄ DjurgÄrden ?