Creating an illusion with simple means has been used by artists for a long time and the varieties are many. Here the artist has used plant parts for his composition. The flowers become a woman’s face and the leaves form the impression of a bird. These motifs are found in many variants. Here I’ve photographed two paintings and edited them to get a white background. Wish you all an enjoyable weekend! Love from Malta 💕 🐕The original artist of the woman face is Octavio Ocampo and the painting is called “Mouth Of Flower”.
  The original artist of the bird is Oleg Shuplyak, an amazing surreal optical illusion painter.

Follow me to Valletta…

It’s not often that I visit MaltaÂŽs capital but last week I a took the ferry and spent some hours in the city. Valletta is designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2018.Some tourists and one of the public art installations depicting Maltese proverbs.To the left you see the new Parliament Building in Valletta.The architecture of Valletta’s streets and piazzas ranges from mid-16th century Baroque to Mondernism.And the entire city of Valletta has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980.

Here are some more of the public art installations. You must click on an image to enlarge. It is an exciting city worth exploring. But after a couple of hours walking in the heat it’s time for an ice cream.Republic Street is the main street of Valletta. It is about 1 km long and extends from the City Gate towards the granaries at Fort St. Elmo. It is mostly dedicated to pedestrians, with highly limited vehicle use.Beyond the old Opera house, it’s often crowded with people due to large selection of small shops and cafes. Daphne Caruana Galizia, the journalist who was killed in a car bomb on 16th October 2017. The memorial located at the foot of the Great Siege Monument has been wiped out more than once. But as activist Pia Zammit said: “They can remove the flowers and candles but the truth remains.”Unlike the main street, most of the streets in the city are narrow, the houses are old in a typical Maltese style.Time to take the ferry back home to Sliema. It only takes a couple of minutes and I think IÂŽll return quite soon.

CYW – 18-24 February

21. Outrageous Orange.
I love this one painted by my husband. Colorful in thoughtful simplicity.18. Forest Green.
Some greenery from Ta Qali park here in Malta19. Pacific Blue.
Fisherman at the clear Mediterranean waters of the Mediterranean Sea.These are the week’s colors in Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge.

WPC Structure

Even an ordinary flower..…has an exciting structure.As well as shown in this close-up of a hibiscus.Structure of a feather. This one is actually not larger than a little finger nail.A completely different but still, a kind of structure. A construction, a creation.

My husband’s secret project. It’s not really done yet… Look at the wings on this little beetle! We easily shoo them away and forget to watch closely.

The last picture is from my archive while the others were taken today.

Weekly Photo Challenge / Structure

Tuesday’s mixed pics from Malta

These flowers got a shower and belongs to one of my favorite colors. So cute and a bit shaggy.Simple art on a bottle of wine can also be an art in itself.Another watercolor, this time with reflections from a house in Spinola Bay, San Ä iljan.



SÄ blev ytterligare en tavla fÀrdig, den hÀr Àr ganska stor. Det Àr alltid lika roligt att fÄ vara med och att se hur motivet vÀxer fram. FrÄn en vit mÄlarduk till fÀrdigt resultat. Saknar sjÀlv bÄde förmÄga och fantasi att mÄla men försöker istÀllet att pÄ mitt sÀtt skapa nÄgot med hjÀlp av min kameran. Det hÀr Àr inte min skapelse.

Yet, another painting was completed. This one is quite big, 135 x 105 cm. It’s fun to be involved, to see how the painting evolves. From a white canvas to a finished result. I don’t have the ability or the imagination to paint by myself, but try to create through my camera instead. This is not my creation, it’s my husband’s painting.






Fat (111/365)

Trivialt och ganska platt men fÀrgerna matchar lite av min header. Att finna motiv och skapa alldagliga bilder pÄ ett sÀtt som fÄngar betraktarens intresse, kan ocksÄ det vara en konst, om Àn motivet i sig Àr ointressant.