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  • Today’s Flower & Insect

    Today’s Flower & Insect

    Wild Gladiolus Purple, a beautiful spring flower with a lovely colour. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day I’m not sure if the insect below is a White-spotted rose beetle, it looks too hairy and it doesn’t have so many white spots. Could also be a Mediterranean spotted chafer, I don’t know but anyway, it’s…

  • A Small One

    A Small One

    Just a small beetle walking on a flower… Although not as small when you look closely. It’s amazing how much life there is on Earth.

  • Macro photography A Colorful Insect

    Photographing different kinds of insects is a fun and exciting challenge. Apart from butterflies and dragonflies which are not always easy to capture I’ve realized that there are a lot more in nature to discover. I don’t know what kind of beetle this is, there are too many species to choose from. I had some…

  • Beetle

    This little cute beetle stayed on the flower for quite some time so I had time enough to photograph at least one of all insects I’ve tried to capture recently, without success.When I take my camera with me I always have to choose between my macro or zoom lens depending on where and what I…


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