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  • Birds from Around the World

    Birds from Around the World

    This time of year, before the rainy season starts, nature is very dry, and I don’t find much to photograph when I walk my dogs here in Paphos, Cyprus. So, I returned to my photo archive to rediscover some forgotten photos. And I found lots of birds, of which you can see a few here.…

  • Bornean Green-Magpie

    Bornean Green-Magpie

    Sometimes, you find forgotten treasures when you look through your photo archive, and this is one that I would like to share: the Bornean Green Magpie. The pictures were taken in 2016 in Kinabalu Park, Borneo, and are not that great, but the bird is so beautiful and well worth showing anyway. The Bornean Green-Magpie…

  • KL Bird Park – A Look Back

    KL Bird Park – A Look Back

    Something strange has happened to my computer. I no longer have access to any of my over thousands of photos that I’ve saved in different folders. Whatever I try to open it says the file is corrupt! The only images I can see are the ones in WordPress media library, i.e. photos I’ve already shown.…

  • Some Recently Taken Images…

    … and some quotes that are not related to the images, or maybe they are in one way or another. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” — Tina Fey “The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in…

  • Black & White Wednesday

    Almost black and white but I couldn’t resist the appearance of some colors. Susan’s Black and White on Wednesdays.

  • Our Precious Wildlife

    Borneo Rainforest, Malaysia.

  • I’m a Beauty

    I am just an ordinary sea bird……and I am proud of that!

  • Taken by Surprise

    Surely it’s surprising to discover what amazing bird species there are around the world. This one looks unique.When I saw this “sculpture” at a distance in Siracusa, Sicily, I was absolutely sure it was real. Until I came close and my dog began to nose around his feet. Then he couldn’t sit still any longer…

  • Winged & Colorful

    Winged and colorful but so hard to capture with my camera.Pride…Tough and stubborn.Looks like this one wants to say something, I’m colorful and I can fly. Weekly Photo Challenge by Frank / Dutch Goes the Photo’s

  • White Beauty

    “The ugly Duckling”, (Den fula ankungen) is a fairy tale from 1853 written by H.C. Andersen and it’s about a young duck bird that is teased for its ugliness, but then grows up to a beautiful white swan.  The story is a fable, where animals represent humans. A handsome look or a beautiful face is of…

  • By the Sea

    Same, same….

  • Beautiful black Swans

      Last Sunday we went to St. Anton Gardens in Attard where the annual Citrus Festival took place. But Fanny didn’t enjoy it that much, too many people, so much noise and I was too busy managing my camera. So we just walked around the park where there weren’t so many people for about an…


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