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  • Macro Monday

    Macro Monday

    Det är liv och rörelse i vår trädgård varav mycket som man inte ser om man inte tittar noga. Det här paret, var och en, är inte större än min tumnagel. Varje dag ser jag dessa små fjärilar dansa runt bland våra växter men hade nästan gett upp att försöka fånga dem med kameran, de…

  • Swallowtail


    It’s very hot here now in Cyprus as in many other Mediterranean countries. I see a few butterflies but usually don’t take my camera with me when I walk my dogs in the heat. I photographed this Swallowtail at the end of June here in Paphos, it almost looks a little shy.I noticed the wings…

  • Today’s Macro

    Today’s Macro

    I am a very small butterfly, like a thumb nail, but it’s barely noticeable in a close-up, so below I am seen from a distance, although it still doesn’t show how small I actually am so let’s say I am less than half the size of a “normal” butterfly. The lady who took the photos…

  • Butterflies from Near and Afar

    Butterflies from Near and Afar

    The photo above was taken when I was in Sicily in 2018 while the image below is a Skipper I captured this morning while out with the doggies here in Cyprus. The rest is a mix from near and far… I found this Swallowtails among the flowers in our garden the other day. My favorite…

  • Beauties of Nature

    Beauties of Nature

    It always brings a feeling of happiness and joy when I manage to capture a butterfly with my camera and this time it was double happiness when I got two in one. Certainly they are beauties created by nature I was also very happy when I managed to capture this one, although the background is…

  • The Blue Beauty

    The Blue Beauty

    I know, you’ve seen them on my site recently but I can’t stop photographing them. They are so beautiful and there are plenty of them now here in Cyprus and although they look alike, each one is unique. There are a few butterflies that are only found here in Cyprus of which the Paphos Blue…

  • More Butterflies

    More Butterflies

    There are plenty of butterflies now, more than last year, and I have even seen some I’ve never seen before. Like this one which I assume belongs to the genus Swallowtails. This one is a very small compared to the Swallowtails and can be difficult to spot when it folds its wings, which hides its…

  • Clouded Yellow Butterfly

    Clouded Yellow Butterfly

    Here’s another butterfly that I often see right now here in Paphos. Luckily for me, one landed on the ground, which is not very common. More often they stop on a plant but as soon as you try to get close with your camera they decide to quickly fly on. The one on the ground…

  • Swallowtail Butterfly

    Swallowtail Butterfly

    The swallowtail butterfly, an impressively beautiful flying insect. It’s easy to take too many photos and most of them won’t turn out well. This one was in constant motion, for me it’s all about luck, luck and patience.

  • Cyprus Butterflies

    Cyprus Butterflies

    There are plenty of butterflies to be seen now here in Paphos. Most of them are in constant motion, so I’m happy as long as I manage to capture a few. The Clouded Yellow Butterfly (Colias crocea) is very common here in Cyprus, especially now. I see a lot of them during my morning walks…

  • Clouded Yellow Butterfly

    Clouded Yellow Butterfly

    These amazing creatures that entice me to take my camera with me when I walk my dogs. We rarely go for city walks with the leash on, we walk in nature, where we are alone and where we enjoy ourselves the best. Today it has been rainy all day here in Paphos, 6 degrees °C.…

  • From Raw Format to Edited

    From Raw Format to Edited

    The editing thing, sometimes I wonder if it was really worth it considering the result and all the time it took. But as long as it feels like a fun challenge and you have the time I tell myself, just keep going. Here is a typical example where I tried to bring out the details…


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