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  • Every picture tells a story…

    …I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph! Every picture tells a story, even though the viewer doesn’t always know what lies behind.

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • Flower of the day

    A Splash of Colors. Inspired by Cee’s / Flower of the Day & OWPC / Macro

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • Silent Sunday

  • WPC – Cheeky

    In this week WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Michelle ask us to show something cheeky. Can a clown or a prankster be cheeky? Of course……we can all act cheeky, in an entertaining way and with a joyful attitude. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Cheeky

  • WPC – Experimental

    Busy life through my lens  – ExperimentallyWordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Experimental

  • CBW: Weather

    I love color, need color and can`t live without color around me, but I also like challenges. That`s why I take part in Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge and this week the topic is Weather.This was a beautiful day last spring here in Malta. As always this time of year, there were lots of…

  • Flower(s) of the day – In Red only

      Today I choose red flowers. The only one I know the name of is my favorite, the bougainvillea.This is a picture from Malta taken in October last year. One day left and I’m home again. Cee’s Photography

  • CFFC Letter H – Happy

    This happy bridal couple were photographed by a professional photographer along the Sarawak river here in Kuching. Happily, I always carry my camera with me and couldn’t resist taking some pictures myself.Happiness for me, among many other things, is to live on the small island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Where it never gets too…

  • Flower of the Day

    ….and a cute little visitor. Cee’s Flower of the Day – October 7, 2017

  • Tuesday’s thoughts

    At the moment, I feel quite ambivalent and don´t know what to photograph or why I photograph what I actually photograph. Macro, people, architecture, flowers, my everyday life here in Malta. There´s so much I want to share, but sometimes my posts may looks a bit incoherent. That’s life! Hope you enjoy this anyway. Cactus…


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