Cropping & Mixed Thoughts

We all know that sometimes cropping is a must when you want to highlight the main subject of your image.

Other images may look better if not cropped too much or not at all if it reveals a poorer image quality.
Feel free to click on an image above to enlarge and compare them to each other.This one couldn’t be cropped because I was so close but in this case there was no need to crop either. I’ve too many images in my archive that easily could have been thrown away but for some reason they are still there. Some images evoke memories even though they can be seen as meaningless to others. Note to self; crop when you think it improves, throw away when you are not happy and sort out your archive when you have time. Enjoy life, and never give up! The key to learning more about the noble art of photography is curiosity and a sense of joy in what you create.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

This week, Jen asks us to show an image/s of awakening or some kind of renewal.
While enjoying the awakening of nature after winter……seeing a butterfly is an obvious proof of that spring is has arrived……and when you see these you know that even this summer, you can enjoy eating fresh figs……while a wild cat yawning, renewed with energy after a few hours sleep in Independence gardens.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Awakening

Sweet little insects…

When I take my macro lens out to the terrace and look for small insects among our flowers after I’ve watered. Then I feel satisfied, as are our plants and the sweet little insects.

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Weekly Photo Challenge / Satisfaction

Beströdd (151/365)

Att fotografera med macro är verkligen både spännande och roligt. Att komma riktigt nära……och upptäcka att en liten fjäril är beströdd med så många fina och små detaljer som man annars inte ser. Så fjunigt mjuk ser den sig nyfiket omkring med sina stora ögon, sina långa känselspröt och en lite butter uppsyn.

Spröt (142/365)

Samma fjäril som förra året eller iallafall likadan. Verkar vara den enda sort av fjärilar som syns bland våra blommor. Har sett en vit en gång men det kanske var en mal. Spröt, känselspröt, har iallafall alla fjärilar.