The Fly

“I’m just Another Insect on the Windshield of Life”
– Don Mashak.

“Watching house flies at close proximity to catch them rubbing their hands is my new hobby”
– Mr. M

An optimist is a fellow who believes a housefly is looking for at way to get out”
– George Jean Nathan

Pre-Moving Checklist:
We have sold our car but can keep it until we leave Malta.

Fourteen days left…

Taken by Surprise

Surely it’s surprising to discover what amazing bird species there are around the world. This one looks unique.When I saw this “sculpture” at a distance in Siracusa, Sicily, I was absolutely sure it was real. Until I came close and my dog began to nose around his feet. Then he couldn’t sit still any longer without laughing and he began to talk. I’ve seen many kinds of these players before but nobody as real like this one.
A really fun and unexpected surprise.Shooting with the macro lens often gives unexpected surprises.

It may be surprising to look at a fly with its amazing faceted eyes……or to see a hairy butterfly.

Post inspiration:  Dutch Goes the Photo – Surprise