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  • Empty Spaces

    Empty Spaces

    This week, Patti has chosen the theme. So, what is the significance of “Empty spaces” in photography? In short, it’s the area around a subject in the photograph that is left unoccupied. Sounds simple, right? I don’t understand the major differences between negative and empty spaces, they seem very small so I’ll leave it at…

  • The Beauty of a Flower

    The Beauty of a Flower

    Looks like one of its kind, a very special flower, now found in the wild. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Guess What?

    Guess What?

    What kind of plant do you think this flower grows on in my garden? It’s very easy to guess if you’ve ever grown these yourself. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day Post 17 / Day 26 of 365

  • Asphodel Flower

    Asphodel Flower

    I’ve found another sign of the arrival of spring, the Asphodel flower is in full bloom here in Cyprus. They are not that colorful but still, a beauty in its own special way. They grow wild and I see them everywhere when I walk my dogs, not far from our house in Zelemenos. I read…

  • Wind gusts are blowing…

    Wind gusts are blowing today here in Malta and the rain is pouring. Some stay fragile, some remain strong.The farmers are grateful as are all the inhabitants of nature. My funny Fanny ​​doesn’t want to go out and I’m happy to be alive, while life goes on… Take care 💗 Understandably, the pictures above are…

  • The Beauty of Thistles

    “If your thoughts is a rose, you are a rose garden; and if it is a thistle, you are fuel for the fire” – Rumi – “All my life I’ve tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind” – Abraham Lincoln –“Everything has beauty but…

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • Slut på säsongen (109/365)

    Tulpaner, nu är det sen länge slut på säsongen för den till Malta importerade blomman. Nu badar de gröna ängarna på ön i en mångfald av gula blommor och mimosaträden bär gula små bollar. Utanför mitt fönster syns pelargonernas oräkneliga röda blomsterprakt och en ny säsong har börjat medan en annan är på väg.

  • Snurrigt (101/365)

    Tycker den påminner om en snurra på skaft av plast jag hade som barn. Den här, av naturen skapad, snurrar inte alls men är heller inte gjord av plast. Ett snurrigt inlägg, en vimsig tolkning, det får räcka, till ett snurrigt tema.


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