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  • Stones

    Thousands of small, small stones, shaped by the waves of the sea.Salobreña beach, Spain September 2019. “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples” – Mother Theresa – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stone

  • Rectangles & Warm Colors

    Small details on a wall with at least more than one rectangle. Franks weekly Photo Challenge – Rectangles

  • At the End of the Road

    “At the end of the road is the beginning of a new adventure““Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Road

  • Some Fun Growths & Fanny

    There is a lot of growth to be found in nature now here in Malta. Here are some of more or less funny plants that I saw last weekend when we visited Il-Bajja tal-Ġnejna. Another exciting nature park we never visited before. But thanks to Fanny we still find new places to explore.I’ve never seen…

  • Gentle

    Fanny loves warmth. Today it has rained the whole day, it’s windy and only 9 degrees. She refuses to go out for a walk and now she is sleeping close to the fireplace.She’s not so fond of cats, but likes to chase them.Tuesday Photo Challenge – Gentle

  • Challenge – Catching People Unaware

    Sometimes, it may be a challenge, to capture unknown people with the camera……while they are unaware that they are actually being photographed by another unknown person. Dutch Goes the Photo – Challenge Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge -Catching people unaware.

  • Comfort

    It may not look so comfortable but when I saw this man I felt that he had fun. Seeing the fun in an uncomfortable situation shows that the man has an open mind who enjoys his comfort. Some may feel the comfort of a cold beer after a hard day’s work while others choose a…

  • Taken by Surprise

    Surely it’s surprising to discover what amazing bird species there are around the world. This one looks unique.When I saw this “sculpture” at a distance in Siracusa, Sicily, I was absolutely sure it was real. Until I came close and my dog began to nose around his feet. Then he couldn’t sit still any longer…

  • In a World of Colors

    In this weeks photo challenge, Frank like us to share some insights into “Our World”. How we see it or something that can catch your eyes or someone else’s eyes.The colors of these traditional fishing boats are usually painted in bright colors while the bow has a pair of eyes. These Luzzus have existed since…

  • Winged & Colorful

    Winged and colorful but so hard to capture with my camera.Pride…Tough and stubborn.Looks like this one wants to say something, I’m colorful and I can fly. Weekly Photo Challenge by Frank / Dutch Goes the Photo’s

  • Hiking in Majjistral Nature Park– Part 1

    In my last post, I mentioned that we went hiking in Majjistral Nature Park last Saturday. We walked for about three hours and we got lost. These are just a very few of all the pictures I took, just to give an impression of how it looks in the park. You can choose between walking…

  • Favorite Place – Stockholm Sweden

    My favorite place is where I live my daily life on the small island of Malta. But after almost eighteen years in this country, another favorite place is my former hometown of Stockholm in Sweden. It´s exiting to be like a tourist and explore what’s new and to visit old favorite places from where I…


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