The joy of insects

Is it really possible to feel joy when watching small insects while most people try to wave them away.Yes, if you have a camera and if you are really eager to learn more about macro shooting and the amazing world that you can explore through your camera. Just wish I started to learn this earlier in my life.Maybe too close, but I really had fun!!
In my next life I´ll be a photographer specialized in macro, a botanist and entomologist.
Until then, I continue to practice, learn and have fun…

Malta Pride 2017 Valletta

So much color and so much joy!Lots of people gathered at Republic Street in Valletta yesterday to celebrate Love, Life and Diversity.Joy, always so much better when you are together.Nice guys!

Glädje (243/366)

IMG_9455-0-PSFärg är glädje, blir glad av färg och tror att en mångfald av färg i vardagen ger en mer glädjerik tillvaro.
Glädje är också att ta bilder med macro objektivet och upptäcka det som inte syns med blotta ögat.
Här syns en av våra många hibiscusblommor som just nu blommar för fullt ute på terrassen.