Which way…

A  breakwater outside Malta’s majestic Grand Harbour which is one of the most spectacular ports in the world.It is possible to take a walk along the Mediterranean Sea when you are in Malta’s capital Valletta.
But some parts could be a bit difficult to access…
…and so it was when we hiked in Majjistral park. My brave Basenji Fanny and my dear stubborn husband try to find the way to the stairs leading up to the plateau. Which we never found because there was no staircase.Another breakwater outside Malta’s Grand Harbour in Valletta. St Elmo Breakwater Footbridge.

Which way would you choose.

Posted for Son of a Beach’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

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img_3969St. Elmo Breakwater Footbridge in Valletta Grand Harbour. Gångbron som leder till vågbrytaren vid inloppet till Valletta Grand Harbour.
Både bron och den naturliga hamnen har en lång och intressant historia som den som är intresserad av kan läsa vidare om här…

The unique Valletta Grand Harbour (today UNESCO World Heritage Site) has been used as a port since Roman Empire times thanks to its magnificent natural characteristics, with a number of inlets which provide adequate shelter to naval vessels. It served as a naval station or the Knights of Saint John from their settlement in the island to their expulsion after the Napoleonic invasion by the end of …..