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  • Kul i Dun

    Kul i Dun

    Det är ett stort naturområde där jag går mina promenader med hundarna. Ofta går vi samma runda, ibland finner vi nya stråk. Vi möter sällan andra, men det känns bara bra. Här står vi högt ovanför Mavrokolympos damm. Det är vackert här men ibland ser vi udda ting som inte hör naturen till. Häromdagen fann…

  • Wordless



  • Felicia


    Hello, my name is Felicia. How are you…? Min fina älskade lilla Felicia! Alltför sällan med här på bloggen men alltid med när vi tillsammans utforskar naturen liksom när vi nu bor in oss i vårt nya hem här på Cypern. Hon är busig, vaksam, nyfiken och alert. Fyller två år i september, mamma Fanny…

  • A Day by the Sea

    A Day by the Sea

    It has been raining non-stop for two days now here in Tsada but the other day the sun was shining and I took the dogs to the sea. Chrysochou BayWe haven’t been here since we moved from Latchi in October. We were all alone as we walked along the long beach but we saw traces…

  • By the Sea

    By the Sea

    Fanny and Felicia, mother and daughter. They love to play and run along the endless beach while I enjoy seeing them have fun together. “Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison.

  • ..where Dreams are Born

    “Come with me, where Dreams are Born, and Days are Never planned” – Peter Pan Chrysochou Bay, Polis, Paphos, Cyprus 20 August 2021

  • Some Recently Taken Images…

    … and some quotes that are not related to the images, or maybe they are in one way or another. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” — Tina Fey “The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in…

  • Artwork of Nature

    “The beauty of the Natural World lies in the Details” – Natalie Angier “To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature”– Auguste Rodin “Choose only one master – Nature”– Rembrandt “Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.– Isaac Newton” “All nature wears one universal grin” – Henry Fielding Below are…

  • Miġra l-Ferħa

    Last weekend we went to Miġra l-Ferħa which is just a few kilometers from Rabat where we live. As you can see in the image above, the cliffs are high and plunge vertically down to the sea while people and cars look like miniatures. Miġra l-Ferħa, Malta – May 2021

  • Lovely Spring!

    It feels wonderful to be able to go out and find nature just around the corner. I’ll never regret moving from Sliema to Rabat. Even if it’s temporary, this is how I want to live in the future, close to nature along with my lovely dogs. A selection of images taken while walking my dogs…

  • Different Views

    Next to Rabat, where we just moved, is Mdina. The ancient city dates back 4,000 years, is older than Valletta and was the capital of Malta from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Mdina is today also referred to as the ‘Silent City’. This view was taken just a few steps from where we live.From a…

  • Basenji Malta – Fanny & Felicia

    This post is dedicated to my lovely dogs Fanny and Felicia. They bring so much joy and have completely changed my life and daily routines. Fanny came to us as a puppy in November 2017, Felicia, her daughter, was born September 27, 2020. 💚 Mother and daughter, soon to be the same size 💚 Unforgettable…


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