Let the New Year Begin…

Yes, I know, we are all almost back to our everyday life again and it’s the third day of the New Year 2019. Some may have noticed that I let my blog rest during the festive season, that was without any special reason.Above, two typical images of Malta. Greenery all over the island and yellow flowers, even though it’s winter. And when you see the different colored balconies in the cluttered but yet charming surroundings, it’s easy to guess where you are.

From yesterdays visit to Il-Gżira Manoel / Manoel Island in Gzira. I also noticed that the mimosa trees got buds and they will soon bloom, in February.But, it feels colder than cold, especially when I walk with Fanny on the cliffs along the Mediterranean sea. Strong winds, 12 degrees but luckily the sun shines. The forecast says it will drop to 4 degrees at night!The new year has just begun and we know nothing about the future but it looks bright with lots of love and joy. Take care out there!!!
Anita & Fanny

255 Ruggigt (59/366)

Det gamla lasarettet i skymning byggt år 1643 på Il-Gżira Manoel, Manoel Island.
En gigantisk anstalt där man vårdade människor som drabbats av pesten.
Gick runt här med maken i helgen för att känna av historiens vingslag
Men kvar finns idag bara en öde, förfallen och väldigt spöklik ruin.