I wish I could fly…

I wish I could fly, that I had wings like a butterfly.

Today I will fly anyway but without own wings. Tomorrow I will be on the other side of the earth, in Borneo. Five weeks and then back to Malta, then I´ll go to Sweden to get our puppy.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

Photographing insects with macro often means waiting for the perfect moment.
Click on a circle to enlarge if you like to see the whole image.Most waves them away while I chase them with my camera, waiting…Worth waiting for.

Weekly Photo Challenge / Waiting

Spröt (142/365)

Samma fjäril som förra året eller iallafall likadan. Verkar vara den enda sort av fjärilar som syns bland våra blommor. Har sett en vit en gång men det kanske var en mal. Spröt, känselspröt, har iallafall alla fjärilar.