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  • Meet a Grasshopper

    Meet a Grasshopper

    I have grasshoppers in my garden. There’s nothing strange about that. Who cares about a grasshopper? But they are, in fact, interesting creatures. Grasshoppers are a group of insects belonging to the suborder Caelifera. They are among what is possibly the most ancient living group of chewing herbivorous insects, dating back to the early Triassic,…

  • Macro Monday Mix

    Macro Monday Mix

    Feel free to click on an image in the gallery and the images will become larger. Perhaps not for those with a fear of spiders, but it is completely harmless I would also like to show you this long-legged green creature that I found in my garden.

  • Macro Monday

    Macro Monday

    Yes, I know, I’ve been showing dragonflies recently but I see them daily while walking my dogs and can’t resist photographing them. But I assure that the dragonflies you’ve seen before are not the same ones you see here. Although they may appear similar, each one is unique in its own way. Here, I have…

  • Bara Några Bilder

    Bara Några Bilder

    De senaste dagarna har kameran fått följa med när hundarna och jag gått vår dagliga promenad. Det är inte så varmt ute nu som det brukar vara i augusti, runt 30 grader och ett och annat moln. Letar efter något som inspirerar att fotografera, tittar efter färg och insekter. Hittar färg men inte så många…

  • Flugor


    Veckans tema i Denzil’s fotoutmaning är Flugor. Klicka på länken och läs vad Denzil skriver om flugor, de är intressanta små varelser. Nature Photo Challenge #23: Flies

  • I saw Another One

    I saw Another One

    These amazing insects. I saw a Macaronius Owlfly last spring, shortly after that, I saw another one. Thought you’d get to see it too. Surely no one can believe that these insects can be harmful? Those who appreciate insects just as they are truly enjoy seeing Owlflies, which are bizarre, magnificent, harmless creatures not commonly…

  • A Wasp?

    A Wasp?

    More from our garden, but I don’t know what it is. A wasp??

  • Butterflies from Near and Afar

    Butterflies from Near and Afar

    The photo above was taken when I was in Sicily in 2018 while the image below is a Skipper I captured this morning while out with the doggies here in Cyprus. The rest is a mix from near and far… I found this Swallowtails among the flowers in our garden the other day. My favorite…

  • Look at This One!

    Look at This One!

    I’ve never seen this insect until a few days ago, after searching I guess it’s a Macaronius Owlfly. A fascinating little find, isn’t it! Below is another one I haven’t come across before, I think it might be a Green Forester Moth. It’s amazing how much there is to discover in the world of insects,…

  • Insects


    There’s a lot of activity among insects in nature. Most so small that they can be hard to spot.It’s a fascinating world out there and so much to discover, but you have to look closely. “An insect is more complex than a star..and is a far greater challenge to understand.” – Martin Rees Koili –…

  • Meet Some Beetles

    Meet Some Beetles

    There are plenty of beetles out in the wild and here are a few I came across the other day. They were very active to say the least. ………….

  • Beauties of Nature

    Beauties of Nature

    It always brings a feeling of happiness and joy when I manage to capture a butterfly with my camera and this time it was double happiness when I got two in one. Certainly they are beauties created by nature I was also very happy when I managed to capture this one, although the background is…


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