Same same but different…

Same pictures from yesterday, now in color instead of b/w. Some images can improve if you select b/w, while others don’t. It also depends on you skills, mine are quite limited.This looks almost the same. It was a grey day and not much color, but still different from the one yesterday.In my opinion this one is much better in color. Color means joy which is enhanced by the woman’s smile.This picture looks completely different in color. It was taken in California year 2014 and I never used it and then forgot it. Here we did a stop along the Pacific Coast Highway where the views are amazing.

WPC Satisfaction

There are so much in this picture that makes me feel satisfied, besides holding the camera. Memories, the sense of freedom, the amazing landscape and the natural colors of the great ocean as well as the blue sky.
Road Trip California in 2014, a trip that gave me great satisfaction and lots of lovely memories.“A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step and every exit is an entrance to somewhere else…”

Weekly Photo Challange

Blekt och blandat

Img_5944Stark sol, kontrast i sanden och ljus bakgrund. Lyckas inte skapa annat än en bleknande färglös bild här.

Lägger därför även upp några bilder på bleknande men färgstarka legendariska personligheter.
Bilderna är från förra sommarens resa i Kalifornien/Los Angeles, Hollywood museum. Den glada cyklisten såg jag i Venice.

Klickbara bilder

Onsdagstema / Bleknande