Black & White Photography – 9

This is the ninth time I join Susie’s fun photo black and white challenge.
In the past I have mostly photographed people, this time I choose pets, dogs and cats.“When I look into the eyes of an animal I don’t see an animal I see a living being, I see a friend, I feel a soul”
– Anthony Douglas Williams – If cats could talk they wouldn’t”
– Nan Porter –“Dogs eat – Cats dine
Ann Taylor –Having a dog or a cat will open your heart. Reading a book will open your mind.
Having both a pet and a book… absolute heaven.
– Mark Rubenstein –“You can keep a dog but it is the Cat how keeps People because Cats find Humans useful domestic Animals”
– George Mikes –“Look at animals kindly, and they will see. Talk to animals gently, and they will listen”
– AD Williams – “All animals are born with innocence, curiosity and love”
Anthony Douglas Williams –

Below are the images also in color for those who like to compare. And as always when it comes to quotes, we mustn’t take them too seriously, although some may be worth considering.

Susan’s Black and White on Wednesdays


Fanny loves warmth. Today it has rained the whole day, it’s windy and only 9 degrees.
She refuses to go out for a walk and now she is sleeping close to the fireplace.She’s not so fond of cats, but likes to chase them.Tuesday Photo Challenge – Gentle

Fanny in Ta Qali Park..

During the Second World War the Ta Qali National Park was used as an airfield. Today the park is very popular with Maltese people and a busy place on Saturday afternoons when many families gather for picnics.

There are many wild cats in the park and Fanny loves to chase them, luckily she never manage to catch any. They run too fast or climb on a tree. But when they lie down or humps, she’s scared of them.Dogs are allowed to run freely in the late afternoons but must be kept on leash all other times. This image with the green grass was taken after the rain, compared to the one above which was taken before. Within a few months, the grass will be so high that Funny is not visible. Then we play hide and seek.
My lovely stubborn and curious Basenji 💕

Friday’s thoughts…

Sometimes, I get a feeling of not knowing why or for whom I post my pictures on this blog. You’ll find that some of my pictures are posted without any special intention. I’ve no inspiration to take part in photo challenges at the moment. Right now, I’m just trying to keep my blog alive but…

Trösta (297/366)

img_6231-0-psVille så gärna ta upp den lilla katten, hålla den i min famn, trösta, ge en gnutta trygghet och framförallt näring. Mamman som höll sig på lite avstånd såg nog helst att jag lät bli vilket jag också gjorde. Men det kändes verkligen som om den lilla kattungen behövde väldigt mycket omsorg vilket jag hoppas att modern också kunde ge, på en gisten brygga i en enkel liten by utmed Kinabatangan River på Borneo.



IMG_2826Vad den här missen vill ha sagt är solklart eller hur…


Nej, det är inte min katt. Den här bor i Independence Park i Sliema tillsammans med andra tillsynes ganska så välmående vildkatter. Välmående för att människor ger dem mat, filtar att ligga på och bygger små katthus. Själv nöjer jag med att beskåda och föreviga 🙂