Angels & Lines

Yes, I’ve been away, again. This time I went to my hometown in Sweden for a few days. I had lots of ideas what to do and what to see, but in three days I didn’t make much of it. I met my three sisters and I met a blog friend that I never met before. Thank you Annette 💕we had much to talk about and time flew too fast.

The images above has nothing to do with the text except that they are two of very few I took during my visit in Stockholm and the fact that these are not to be found in Malta. What you see are two chimneys, lines, signs, a blue sky, colors and angles. No remarkable about that, all depending on how you look at the pictures.

Gömd (119/365)

Tröttnar nog aldrig pÄ att vandra runt i de Àldre bevarade kvarter som finns kvar i Stockholm. Bakom varje hörn ligger ofta Ànnu en gata gömd vÀrd att upptÀcka. Som hÀr, vad finns att se utmed LÄnga gatan pÄ DjurgÄrden ?