Come with me and take a dip in the sea, said the bigger dog when we were at Manoel Island last weekend.
It’s nice and cool, 22 degrees!! Come on Fanny!!!I don’t know if I dare I’ve never swam before but it looks fun. Fair enough, I’ll try!! Splash!!!! This may not be the best way to get up from the water but I’m a brave, strong and very stubborn Basenji who never gives up. I will certainly try again but may need some assistance from my leader.

Hopefully Fanny and I will soon swim together in the Mediterranean where it’s now 22 degrees. Some dogs may have the physical capacity to swim, but a mortal fear of the water. We’ll have to start on shallow waters and I’ll try to make her feel safe and encourage her to enjoy it. If that doesn’t work I’ll will never force her.💖Who knows, within a week or two, she may be a real water lovers.💖

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Det gamla lasarettet i skymning byggt år 1643 på Il-Gżira Manoel, Manoel Island.
En gigantisk anstalt där man vårdade människor som drabbats av pesten.
Gick runt här med maken i helgen för att känna av historiens vingslag
Men kvar finns idag bara en öde, förfallen och väldigt spöklik ruin.