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  • Flower & Color of The Day – Mimosa

    Malta’s Countryside in March 2021 Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Swallowtail – The Queen’s Butterfly

    I’m happy that this year’s first butterfly that I managed to capture was this special species,”The Queen’s Butterfly”. The dry blade of grass may be seen as a disturbing detail, but I decided to leave it instead of wasting time editing. I was lucky to capture another one of these rare beauties. I read that…

  • Mimosa or What?

    It’s getting hot here in Malta now and most flowers fades away and thus all its colors, except this one. The mimosa trees bloomed here in Malta in April and these really look like mimosa but… …I really can’t recognize their long sharp thorns.Whatever it is, they give a lovely splash of color in nature,…

  • 197 Många bollar i luften (96/366)

    197 Många bollar i luften (96/366)

    Mimosaträden blommar för fullt nu här på ön och en mångfald av trädets blommor syns som små gula bollar i luften. 🙂


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