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  • LAPC – Black & White or Monochrome

    LAPC – Black & White or Monochrome

    This week’s theme feels like a really fun challenge, especially for those of us who love colors. I’m not good at this at all, that’s why it’s so much fun. Starting with some photos of flowers. Here, I have added a filter to the gallery. Feel free to click on an image, and it will…

  • Clouded Yellow Butterfly

    Clouded Yellow Butterfly

    Here’s another butterfly that I often see right now here in Paphos. Luckily for me, one landed on the ground, which is not very common. More often they stop on a plant but as soon as you try to get close with your camera they decide to quickly fly on. The one on the ground…

  • A Small One

    A Small One

    Just a small beetle walking on a flower… Although not as small when you look closely. It’s amazing how much life there is on Earth.

  • Walking above Mavrokolympos Dam -Paphos

    Walking above Mavrokolympos Dam -Paphos

    Sometimes I leave my camera at home when I walk my doggies and I rarely, if ever, take pictures with my phone. So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw the results of the photos I took with my mobile phone the other day, just before sunset. The images are from where we usually…

  • Wild Geranium – Today’s Flower

    Wild Geranium – Today’s Flower

    There are lots of wild plants blooming in nature now of which this is one, a small one. Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Cyprus Butterflies

    Cyprus Butterflies

    There are plenty of butterflies to be seen now here in Paphos. Most of them are in constant motion, so I’m happy as long as I manage to capture a few. The Clouded Yellow Butterfly (Colias crocea) is very common here in Cyprus, especially now. I see a lot of them during my morning walks…

  • Almond Blossoms

    Almond Blossoms

    Now the almond trees are in full bloom here in Cyprus. The trees themselves are impressive but it pays to look closely to enjoy their lovely flowers. In addition to the beautiful flowers, there are the nuts. Did you knot that almonds are among the healthiest nuts you can eat, loaded with benefits. I myself…

  • Ladybug


    Take a slow walk with a Ladybug… “I think people should maybe just go out into the garden and watch a ladybug crawl across a flower and relax their mind. That’s about all you need to know about life, I think.”– Harland Williams

  • Baby Mantis

    Baby Mantis

    Almost as small as my thumb nail was this tiny praying mantis I found on our fig tree the other day. “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” – Elliott Erwitt Todays weather here in Paphos, Cyprus. Mostly sunny with a high of 16 °C…

  • Poppies – Dancing In Red

    Poppies – Dancing In Red

    Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Blooming Yellow

    Blooming Yellow

    “She turned to the sunlight     And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor:     “Winter is dead.” ~ A. A. Milne Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day

  • Flower of The Day – Roses

    Flower of The Day – Roses

    “A single rose can be my garden; a single friend, my world.” – Leo Buscaglia “According to fossil evidence, roses are 35 million years old,” – Sharon McGukin Cee’s Photo Challenge Flower of The Day


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