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  • Autumn Colors of Cyprus

    Autumn Colors of Cyprus

    The month of October means autumn, and the first rains have fallen after the summer’s long drought. Here in Cyprus, it feels more like “The Little Spring” has arrived. It’s pleasantly warm, around 25 degrees Celsius during the days and it usually stays like this until Christmas. Then it turns and the rainiest and coldest…

  • Naturens Skafferi

    Naturens Skafferi

    Den här veckan har Denzil valt att låta oss fota det som finns att hitta i naturen som är ätbart. Ett brett tema med tanke på att hela naturen är som ett enda stort skafferi. Johannesbrödträdet, ett typiskt träd i Medelhavsområdet tillhörande baljväxtfamiljen där den är störst med sin 4000-åriga historia! Fruktskidorna är ätbara men trädet…

  • Flugor


    Veckans tema i Denzil’s fotoutmaning är Flugor. Klicka på länken och läs vad Denzil skriver om flugor, de är intressanta små varelser. Nature Photo Challenge #23: Flies

  • Water Lily

    Water Lily

    Some photos from the fishpond in our garden here in Paphos, Cyprus. Feel free to click on a flower to make it bigger. Sometimes what you see may not be exactly real. I enjoy playing with editing, making the same flower look different. Until now, we’ve only had white and yellow flowers in the fish…

  • Butterflies from Near and Afar

    Butterflies from Near and Afar

    The photo above was taken when I was in Sicily in 2018 while the image below is a Skipper I captured this morning while out with the doggies here in Cyprus. The rest is a mix from near and far… I found this Swallowtails among the flowers in our garden the other day. My favorite…

  • Tulips


    Here are some tulips that I have selected from my archive. The yellow ones are locally grown in Malta and I bought eight of them for a special reason. Why did I buy eight tulips? You’ll know if you click here. Thanks Denzil for making me look through my old photos, it often brings back…

  • Sharp!


    For Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge #6: Sharp The top and last image is from Cyprus while the others are from Malta and Sarawak in Borneo.

  • Signs of Spring

    Signs of Spring

    There is no doubt that spring has arrived in Cyprus. Below are some recently taken photos. Except for the boots which is from when I was trekking in Borneo some years ago.  “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” — Robin Williams  “Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full…


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