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  • Look at Me!

    Look at Me!

    This cute little creature that I found in our garden might be a Kourkoutas lizard. It’s a common species and easy to spot. The ancient Greeks even named the Nile crocodile after this lizard because they look similar. Interestingly, the Kourkoutas lizard is the only species of its kind in the world! (Source: Famagusta News)

  • Lizard & Gecko

    Lizard & Gecko

    Lizards and Geckos, I see them every day, either in our garden or when I’m out with my dogs. They are incredibly fast, running and hiding as soon as you get close. If you’re lucky, it stops for a moment and you can take your photo. If you fail, you can always try again. This…

  • Meet a Cypriot Lizard

    Meet a Cypriot Lizard

    Lizards, these fantastic reptiles are one of the unique animals that can be found here in Cyprus. There are also Geckos and Cicadas as well as the amazing creature known as the Mediterranean chameleon. But, this is a lizard, quite a large one and it was completely still, like it was frozen. The lizard stood…

  • Reptiles


    Who doesn’t like these small reptiles? We have plenty of them living in our garden and I often see them but rarely manage to capture any with my camera. They are incredibly quick to hide. Yesterday I managed to get very close to this one, but it wasn’t fun, I wasn’t happy at all. The…


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