Macro photography A Colorful Insect

Photographing different kinds of insects is a fun and exciting challenge. Apart from butterflies and dragonflies which are not always easy to capture I’ve realized that there are a lot more in nature to discover.

I don’t know what kind of beetle this is, there are too many species to choose from. I had some trouble getting sharpness on its head but it shines beautifully in blue-green and has colorful covered wings.An interesting little creature on its way through life.


This little cute beetle stayed on the flower for quite some time so I had time enough to photograph at least one of all insects I’ve tried to capture recently, without success.When I take my camera with me I always have to choose between my macro or zoom lens depending on where and what I plan to photograph. I chose “wrong” lens this time but the pictures became pretty good anyway.I was going to add at the end, “…as long as you do not enlarge them” but my mind said no. We all try to do as good as we can and must be proud of our efforts to learn, give and share. Gratitude is a valuable gift.

64 Flax (41/366)

IMG_5977Det kvittrar och surrar en hel del bland våra blommor ute på terrassen och jag är ofta där med kameran.
Den här lilla krabaten ville absolut inte vara med på bild utan flaxade envist omkring med sina tunna vingar.IMG_5968Väntar tåligt på att den bevingade lilla skalbaggen ska sätta sig till ro en liten stund för en matpaus.IMG_5986-0 Här har jag iallafall lite tur trots att den envisas med att stoppa in hela huvudet i blomman för att snart flaxa vidare.