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  • Macro Monday Mix

    Macro Monday Mix

    Feel free to click on an image in the gallery and the images will become larger. Perhaps not for those with a fear of spiders, but it is completely harmless I would also like to show you this long-legged green creature that I found in my garden.

  • Garden Snails

    Garden Snails

    If you have a garden, you probably also have snails. They’re pretty colorless, at least the ones I’ve seen but they are interesting harmless little creatures, A snail is a shelled gastropod. The word gastropod comes from Greek and means “stomach foot,” a name that owes its existence to the unusual anatomy of snails. They’are…

  • Hidden In a Shell

    “It seems to me that the Natural World is the greatest source of Excitement; … …the greatest source of Natural Beauty;……the greatest source of Intellectual Interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living” – Sir David Attenborough –

  • Friday’s thoughts…

    It’s hard to believe that this creature will transform into a colorful moth. I’ve never seen such a big caterpillar. It’s about 15 cm/6 inches. Could be an Elephant Hawk-moth, Deilephila elpenor but I’m not sure.  Now, that caterpillar was not yet colorful so here’s some sunshine from Ta Qali……where the grass was wet with dew.A…


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