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  • Macro Monday Mix

    Macro Monday Mix

    Feel free to click on an image in the gallery and the images will become larger. Perhaps not for those with a fear of spiders, but it is completely harmless I would also like to show you this long-legged green creature that I found in my garden.

  • Today’s Flower….

    Today’s Flower….

    It was a great surprise that I found today’s flower on an almond tree this morning, they are supposed to bloom in the spring. But considering that the whole world seems a bit upside down right now, maybe it wasn’t that strange. Anyhow, here are some newly captured photos from my little corner of the…

  • Monday’s photos

    A bee and a plant… …and some kind of spider that seems to have captured a very small creature, barely visible. Malta 24 May 2021

  • Spring is in the air

    Yesterday we went to Ta Qali Park. Usually we never go there on the weekends when the summer is over because there are too many people and you can’t have your dog without leash. But we were all alone.I haven’t been here for a while and was really surprised. It felt like spring even though…

  • Monday’s Malta pics

    Macro photography is always fun and I guess this is a hornet, Vespa crabro, or Bålgeting as we say in Swedish. I see many of them now among our hibiscus on the terrace. Sadly, with fewer plants the butterflies are gone.The plant blooms but the leaves are more yellow than green. Perhaps more care and…


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