Spring is in the air

Yesterday we went to Ta Qali Park. Usually we never go there on the weekends when the summer is over because there are too many people and you can’t have your dog without leash. But we were all alone.I haven’t been here for a while and was really surprised. It felt like spring even though we are in November! This beauty has a very special expression, perhaps it was also surprised that it felt like spring in the air.The sky was blue, the grass was green and there were lots of small yellow flowers.
Fanny was more than happy to run around in the greenery without a leash. At first I didn’t notice that there were two butterflies on the leaf! A spider with its catch of the day.I saw lots of different kinds of butterflies, dragonflies and other kinds of insects. But as usual, they are very active and difficult to capture with the camera. I’m glad I got this one.Ta’ Qali National Park, Malta

Friday’s thoughts…

It’s hard to believe that this creature will transform into a colorful moth. I’ve never seen such a big caterpillar. It’s about 15 cm/6 inches. Could be an Elephant Hawk-moth, Deilephila elpenor but I’m not sure.

 Now, that caterpillar was not yet colorful so here’s some sunshine from Ta Qali……where the grass was wet with dew.A spider’s web along with dew create a nice pattern. Nature is an amazing world to explore and we must all do what we can to preserve it. “We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet.”
—Stephen Hawking

Food for thought can be that earth is home to millions of species, but just one dominates it.
Wish you all a lovely weekend!“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth,
man would have no more than four years to live.”

—Albert Einstein



Kors och tvärs (252/366)

img_1707-0-psSpindlar är mästare på att tillverka sina nät och det ser ut som om de går kors och tvärs men oftast bildar de ett snyggt mönster.
Den vita tjockare tråden tror jag är äggkapslar som ska bli nya små spindlar, om de inte blir uppätna eller nätet blir förstört.
Kan ha fel om de vita trådarna men kors och tvärs och hit och dit har spindeln iallafall fått arbeta för att skapa sitt fina nät. img_1711-0-ps


Imse vimse spindel (196/366)

IMG_8435-1Känns nästan lite konstigt att efter att ha vandrat så mycket i regnskogen på Borneo komma hem utan en enda spindel.
IMG_8480Den här lever bland våra pelargoner ute på terrassen här på Malta. Det blev många bilder och som vanligt lite svårt att välja bara en.
Inget för dig som har fobi för spindlar men jag kan iallafall tala om att den är betydligt mindre i verkligheten, alltså väldigt liten, pytteliten.