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  • Strawberries


    More images from my media library while my computer is under repair. Strawberries, yes I miss that from Malta. The sweet ones, here in Cyprus they are quite tasteless and very expensive. This picture was taken in 2015. I’m guessing they are significantly more expensive today.

  • Time for Strawberries…

    Yes it’s true! Today you can buy fresh locally grown strawberries here in Malta.They are so sweet and very tasty so I could not resist buying a whole trolley. Which You all a Great Weekend from Malta!

  • WPC – Tour Guide

    This week, Krista asks us to share images of where we live. What do we love about where we live? Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea located south of Italy. It´s one of the smallest countries in the world with an estimated population of 422,000. It´s a popular tourist destination with its warm…

  • Power of flowers and colors

    Isn’t it amazing that the flowers I gave to my husband in June are still blooming. Flowers with power. Some flowers from our terrace, January 2018.Hibiscus close-up.Finally, some sweet strawberries I bought from a farmer. Yes, they are grown even in the winter here in Malta. Thanks for all new year’s greetings! Let’s take some…


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