Tag: Susan’s Flowers on Fridays

  • Purple Flowers

    Susan’s Flowers on Fridays # 12.  Cee’s Photo Challenge.

  • Orchids

    Susan’s Flowers on Fridays # 11.  Cee’s Photo Challenge.Wish you all a lovely weekend! Fanny & Anita  

  • Flowers on Fridays

    Same Flower… …but with three different edits. Susan’s Flowers on Fridays # 10.  Cee’s Photo Challenge.

  • Today’s flower

    Susan’s Flowers on Fridays # 8.  Cee’s Photo Challenge.

  • Roses

    “My life is part humor, part roses, part thorns.” – Bret Michaels –“A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees, but none appears. The sun asks: Aren’t you tired of waiting? Yes, answers the rose, ‘but if I close my petals, I will wither and die.” – Paulo Coelho – Susan’s Flowers on Fridays…

  • Yellow Flowers

    “Butterflies are self propelled flowers” – Robert A. Heinlein – “You don’t need to see the sunset to feel the warmth of its color” – Atticus –Has a bee ever landed on you, and instead of getting scared, you appreciate the possibility that you got confused for a flower.A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow. Susan’s…

  • Hibiscus

    One of the very few flowers left on our roof terrace is this Hibiscus which has been growing there for eleven years now. We also have some geraniums left and I also bought a Bougainvillea, my favorite among flowers. Susan’s Flowers on Fridays # 1.  Cee’s Photo Challenge


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