Dragonfly part 2

This is just another attempt to capture one of all amazing and valuable insects found in nature. Some appreciate them while others ignore or see them as a matter of course, they just exist. I myself am no exception, it was not until I started photographing that I realized the value of our nature and its inhabitants.

Wind gusts are blowing…

Wind gusts are blowing today here in Malta and the rain is pouring.
Some stay fragile, some remain strong.The farmers are grateful as are all the inhabitants of nature. My funny Fanny ​​doesn’t want to go out and I’m happy to be alive, while life goes on…
Take care 💗

Understandably, the pictures above are selected from my huge archive.

“We are Living on This Planet…

I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried.
The worlds ecosystem is at risk over a timescale of no more than a few decades.
“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to”
– Terri Swearingen – The Amazon rainforest is nearing a threshold and the Caribbean coral reefs are threatened to die off within a very few years while the world’s warming climate has resulted in sustained glacial mass loss.
“We can help the world live without fear. It is our only hope and without hope we are lost”
– Michael Jackson –Humanity is affected by COVID-19. WHO has declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, acknowledging — the virus will likely spread to all countries on the globe.
I trust humanity’s willingness to cooperate, what else can we do…

Bara för att…


Ibland liksom hejdar sig tiden ett slag
och något oväntat sker.
Världen förändrar sig varje dag,
men ibland blir den aldrig densamma mer

Den här dikten av Alf Henriksson har funnits i mitt inre under många många år. Plockar fram den ibland och påminner mig själv om att livet jag lever idag inte är en självklarhet imorgon. Försöker att inte ta allt för givet och skänker mina varmaste tankar till de som inte har det så lätt i vardagens verklighet vare sig
det gäller ensamhet, sjukdom, handikapp, fattigdom, sorg eller saknad.

Det förflutna finns i våra minnen. Det närvarande finns i våra sinnen. Framtiden finns i våra visioner.”


Bilden på blomman tog jag i våras i Independence Garden, hjärtat av Sliema. Där finns många vackra blommor men bara en rosenbuske.