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  • WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Liquid

    This week’s photo challenge is about keeping things fluid. Let the imagination flow…Barefoot in soft sand and crystal clear blue water.Reflections in the sea from the sky and a boat.WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Liquid

  • Floating in the blue…

    How blue can it really be up there in the sky?Can blue be just for fun? Compare the blue color in the sky with the sea.And you’ll find same blue color but in fifty shades of… No sense with this post, just to keep my blog floating.

  • By the Sea

    Same, same….

  • WPC – Variations on a Theme

    WaterVariations of the water in the Mediterranean depending on light, waves, depth and reflections. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Variations on a Theme, by Ben Huberman  

  • WPC – Glow

    This week, we share something that glows. Sunsets always glow, but everyone is new.Glow from the sun gives glitter on the sea that shines on the little boy, summer is over. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Glow by Jen.H

  • WPC – Layered

    In this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge we will focus on the interplay of depth, density and texture. Immediately I got some pictures in my mind that I then found in my archive.Depth, density and texture… Water is layered by surface, density, space, transparency and texture. Water is also a homogeneous volume, but this is my interpretation…

  • In the Blue

    Today… my pictures…Today, my pictures speak for themselves.This little sweetie grows fast. Fanny is now nine weeks old and I really hope she will fit into the cage during the flight between Sweden-Malta when she’s fifteen weeks! Of course she will.

  • WPC – The four Classical elements

    Fire, but rather a fiery sunset. Water, reflections from boats. Earth, with patterns created by a tiny crab.Air, and a volatile little bubble. Weekly Photo Challenge / Elemental


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