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  • Challenge – Catching People Unaware

    Sometimes, it may be a challenge, to capture unknown people with the camera……while they are unaware that they are actually being photographed by another unknown person. Dutch Goes the Photo – Challenge Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge -Catching people unaware.

  • Future

    This week, Frank invites us to share one or more photos that makes us think about the future.Yesterday, we were hiking for three hours in the Majjistral National Park where nature is stunning. The sea, the huge rocks in different shapes, all wild flowers and the swirling footpaths gives a feeling of being truly in…

  • Favorite Place – Stockholm Sweden

    My favorite place is where I live my daily life on the small island of Malta. But after almost eighteen years in this country, another favorite place is my former hometown of Stockholm in Sweden. It´s exiting to be like a tourist and explore what’s new and to visit old favorite places from where I…

  • WPC – Variations on a Theme

    WaterVariations of the water in the Mediterranean depending on light, waves, depth and reflections. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Variations on a Theme, by Ben Huberman  

  • WPC – Transformation

    This week, we share images that embodies transformation. There are so much. Like a bud above that turns into a beautiful flower! Or the slow and natural transformation of something once shiny.Nature, an old church and all details look completely different when reflected and in water. Click on the link below and you’ll find lots…

  • WPC – Experimental

    Busy life through my lens  – ExperimentallyWordPress Weekly Photo Challenge / Experimental

  • Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

    For this week’s challenge, we’ll make use of sizing, placement, and scale in our photos. Here you can choose in which scale you want to watch the view of Spinola Bay in Saint Julian’s, Malta. The aircraft flying over Manoel Island in Malta looks more like a black spot. While we stand on the ground, hundreds of people…

  • WPC – Pedestrian 2

    A pedestrian on the new bridge here in Kuching. It’s not open to the public yet, what we see as a silhouette is a worker. I don’t think the bridge will open before we leave and fly back home to Malta. Just over a week left. Pedestrians in another part of the world. An early…

  • Windows, windows…

    Windows and reflections in Kuching, Sarawak.Windows in Kuala Lumpur.Windows and reflections in Kuching, Sarawak. In my next post I will choose some more traditional windows. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  / Windows

  • Leaf and Greenery

    In Borneo, where I am now, there are no specific seasons. There’s the “Landas” the rainy season but it always rains in the tropics, more or less. Compared to Sweden where the differences between the seasons are much more distinct, spring, summer, fall and winter. Also in Malta but not as clear as in northern part…

  • WPC – Layered

    In this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge we will focus on the interplay of depth, density and texture. Immediately I got some pictures in my mind that I then found in my archive.Depth, density and texture… Water is layered by surface, density, space, transparency and texture. Water is also a homogeneous volume, but this is my interpretation…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting

    Photographing insects with macro often means waiting for the perfect moment. Click on a circle to enlarge if you like to see the whole image.Most waves them away while I chase them with my camera, waiting…Worth waiting for. Weekly Photo Challenge / Waiting


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