On the Way…

Here we are on the way along the Mediterranean Sea where the sculpture “White Shadow”stands. A marble cut-out of human figures walking together. Designed by Maltese Architect Richard England in Sliema 2002.On the way by car to the countryside.

…where we meet these happy riders.Suddenly the road ends. Which way I chose then I’ll let you know in a later post, without high heels.

This is my second post for Son of a Beach’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Malta pics

Yesterday, when I went for my daily walk, I thought, why don´t take some pictures of my daily surrounding. This is just a very small part of all the impressions I encounter and probably it will be a part two.There are many churches along the way. Powerful, big and beautiful from the outside but I rarely visit them.A typical Maltese balcony from an odd angle and the typical blue sky.It´s getting dark around five. This is “Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Church”, Balluta, Saint Julian’s.Now I´m only minutes from home. The sculpture “White Shadows” is an intriguing play of light and shadows. Made by Richard England and situated along Sliema promenade.

93 Hand i hand (3/366)

Vädret igår var helt fantastiskt. Vindstilla, 18 grader i skuggan och något varmare i solen. Som gjort för en långpromenad med kameran.
Det var många som valde att ge sig ut på medelhavet med sina segelbåtar och jag lyckades iallafall pricka in en båt i en av figurerna.
Skulpturen White Shadows, skapad av Richard England har stått på den breda havspromenaden utmed Tower Road sen 2002.
Här går de Hand i hand och barn och vuxen samt ett äldre par. Det är iallafall vad jag ser och hoppas du ser detsamma 😉