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  • Mixed Feelings

    Mixed Feelings

    Yesterday, I decided to take my dog, Felicia, to a dog-friendly beach I had heard about, located near Paphos Airport. We’ve never been there before, so I had to use both Google Maps on my iPhone and the GPS in the car make sure we found the way. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes…

  • Happy Birthday Fanny!!

    Happy Birthday Fanny!!

    💜Happy birthday my most precious Fanny.💜 💜Today you turn six years old, time flies.💜💜Love you so much.💜 I’m sorry that the pictures of you today didn’t turn out so well. You are much more beautiful in real life. 🧡Thank you for being here, always by my side.🧡

  • Precious Memories

    Precious Memories

    Fanny Mom and her daughter Felicia. Below are some pictures from the year 2020 when Fanny gave birth to six puppies. Felicia’s siblings are all still in Malta. Luna, Paco, Cinnamon, Gin and Milo. Precious memories. 🧡❤️💛💙💚💜

  • From Our Garden

    From Our Garden

    Now that we’ve been in my garden in the last two posts, I’ll show some more pictures from our outdoor area. The one above is taken from our laundry room behind the lemon tree at dusk. We live on a slope and the garden consists of different levels. The papaya tree, image 1, is at…

  • Kul i Dun

    Kul i Dun

    Det är ett stort naturområde där jag går mina promenader med hundarna. Ofta går vi samma runda, ibland finner vi nya stråk. Vi möter sällan andra, men det känns bara bra. Här står vi högt ovanför Mavrokolympos damm. Det är vackert här men ibland ser vi udda ting som inte hör naturen till. Häromdagen fann…

  • I’m Dreaming of a White…

    I’m Dreaming of a White…

    I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas sjöng Bing Crosby för många år sen. Låten spelar i mitt huvud men nej, jag längtar inte efter en vit Julhelg. Med dessa bilder från Paphos önskar jag dig som tittar in en Riktigt God Jul!

  • Basenji My beloved Dogs

    Basenji My beloved Dogs

    My beloved dogs, without them, I wouldn’t go for long nature walks, without them there wouldn’t be any photos. We don’t always walk close together, they look for their own adventures while I’m looking for something special to photograph. But we always keep an eye on each other. Felicia, two years and three months old.…

  • Today’s Flower….

    Today’s Flower….

    It was a great surprise that I found today’s flower on an almond tree this morning, they are supposed to bloom in the spring. But considering that the whole world seems a bit upside down right now, maybe it wasn’t that strange. Anyhow, here are some newly captured photos from my little corner of the…

  • Wordless



  • Fanny


    This post is dedicated to my lovely dog who today turns 5 years old. Born in Sweden, raised in Malta and now living in Cyprus. This charming little lady with typical basenji character has given birth to six wonderful puppies. She’s my first dog ever, she means a lot to me. 💓Happy Birthday Fanny!💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Felicia


    Hello, my name is Felicia. How are you…? Min fina älskade lilla Felicia! Alltför sällan med här på bloggen men alltid med när vi tillsammans utforskar naturen liksom när vi nu bor in oss i vårt nya hem här på Cypern. Hon är busig, vaksam, nyfiken och alert. Fyller två år i september, mamma Fanny…

  • Green Joy

    Below are some images from yesterday’s dog walk here in Cyprus. I’m so happy we found this large nature area, just minutes by car from where we’ll soon be settling, in Zelemenos Village. And it’s pure joy to see my dogs run free in the greenery where we are almost always alone, while my dear…


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