Caper Flower Flinders Rose

Capparis spinosa, the caper bush which has edible flower buds and fruits that gives capers.
I’ve only seen a few of this plant here in Cyprus unlike in Malta where it’s very common.

The plant, also called Flinders Rose, is very useful. The buds and its fruit are usually consumed salted or pickled as a part of the Mediterranean diet. Each flower usually lasts only 24 hours, but there is a continual opening of flowers along the stem. It’s a very special bush with beautiful bright flowers.

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22 replies to “Caper Flower Flinders Rose

    1. Thank you for commenting Sarah. I didn’t know that either, until I saw all the wild growing bushes in Malta.

  1. Anita, this is beautiful. I like the soft background and colors in your photos. The flowers remind me of those in a mimosa tree. I wonder if they’re related.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Egídio.
      No, the flowers on the mimosa trees do not resemble this plant. At least not the mimosa flowers I’ve seen, the round little yellow ones.

    1. Blomman har du sett hos mig tidigare men det kanske inte är så lätt att minnas. 😁 Tack för kommentaren Kristallina.

  2. Blommorna är betydligt vackrare än frukterna om man säger så. Gillar kapris skarpt. Har nog bara ätit dom “färskt” en gång. Tror det var på Malta. De har en helt annan smak än de konserverade.
    Fantastiskt fina bilder igen:-)

  3. Anita, I do not know what is happening to your comments on my photo. I approved them along with others at the same time. The others are showing, but not yours. I wonder if there is something glitchy with Jetpack. I’ll have to look at it. I’m sorry your valuable comments are not appearing as they should.

  4. En så annorlunda och förtjusande blomma, helsnygg bildserie på den. Jag minns att jag har sett den hos dig tidigare, men ingen annan stans. Stora kapris, var köpte vi såna? I Sevilla, tror jag, mycket goda.

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