I enjoy editing; it’s fun to make the same image appear in different ways.

I personally like the one on the top left the most. I don’t like the second and third ones at all.
Which one do you prefer, or maybe none at all?



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25 responses to “Editing”

  1. Greta DH Avatar

    I prefer the first and the last one, of which the first is my most preferred. These two photos resemble most the natural circumstances. And I bet I am wrong😀

    1. Anita Avatar

      One cannot say that one’s own opinion is wrong, then who is right? 😁 Thanks a lot for your comment Greta

  2. Cee Neuner Avatar

    Beautiful editing. 😀 😀

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you Cee ☺️

  3. Kristallina Avatar

    Det är roligt att leka lite. Jag gillar den svartvita mest. Den som du inte alls gillar 😂

    1. Anita Avatar

      Haha.. nej, färg ska det vara 😁 Tack snälla för din kommentar Kristallina.

  4. etikser Avatar

    I prefer the first (header) and the last.

    1. Anita Avatar

      The most natural are usually the most beautiful. Thank you very much for commenting etikser

      1. etikser Avatar

        My pleasure.

  5. Minton Avatar

    Gillar den första mesta.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Tack Anki.

  6. bpz3 Avatar

    Japp, du är mästare på “editing” också. Fantastiskt jobbat:-)

    1. Anita Avatar

      Önskvärt iallafall :_D

  7. bushboy Avatar

    Top left for me too Anita 🙂

    1. Anita Avatar

      The natural is usually the best. Thanks Brian 😀

  8. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    I like the warm colours of the 3rd one. But all of them are good. 😀

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you Mike.

  9. Pepper Avatar

    I found myself scrolling through the pouch’s over and ove trying to decide. I kept changing my mind because the editing made me notice different things in each one. I vote for all of them. 😁👍🏽

    1. Anita Avatar

      Haha.. thank you Pepper! I really appreciate your scrolling and thoughts.

  10. Toonsarah Avatar

    I love editing too and this is an interesting exercise. I find it hard to choose between them but I do think the black and white edit works well 🙂

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you Sarah. It’s interesting how different we all are in one way or another. I don’t like the one in black and white, at least not today, but you can probably see a picture in a different way on another day. Maybe it depends on the mood 😀

  11. Egídio Avatar

    I am with you about editing. It’s always fun to do it, and especially, to revisit old photos and bring them to life. I like the first edit. Number 3 is close second for me.

  12. Anita Avatar

    Exactly, picking out old photos from the archive and editing in a way you might not have done then. Thank you for choosing Egídio.

  13. Jag Avatar

    Här tycker jag att den svartvita är väldigt snygg, framhäver mönstren. Sen skulle jag nog välja ettan. Vackert motiv hur som haver.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Känns som att jag kanske skulle titta på den svartvita igen, med andra ögon. :)) Tack för din kommentar Jag,

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