LAPC – Black & White or Monochrome

LAPC – Black & White or Monochrome

This week’s theme feels like a really fun challenge, especially for those of us who love colors.
I’m not good at this at all, that’s why it’s so much fun. Starting with some photos of flowers.
Here, I have added a filter to the gallery. Feel free to click on an image, and it will be removed.

Below are some buildings of various kinds. Here, I have applied a sepia filter to the gallery. This puts them in the monochrome group. When you click on an image, you’ll see it in black and white.

People in black & white and monochrome. No filter, but feel free to click on a picture anyway.

The top photo shows my dog, Felicia, who looks much happier in real life. It’s fascinating how editing allows us to create different moods and impressions using various styles like monochrome, black and white, or vibrant colors. Back in the day, color photos didn’t exist. Today, there’s no limit.

Lens Artist Photo Challenge #265 – Black & White or Monochrome.


28 responses to “LAPC – Black & White or Monochrome”

  1. bushboy Avatar

    These are so good Anita. Love the all colour ones. The beautiful women in blue is stunning 🙂

  2. Anne Sandler Avatar

    Anita, these were so worth waiting for. Sepia, monochrome and black and white; all were great. My favorite, of course, was the guy with the camera. What a beautiful portrait, and then when he was showing off his pictures…WOW. Wonderful set.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Anne. I really appreciate that and not to forget, it was you who gave me the inspiration to create the post.

  3. Toonsarah Avatar

    Super galleries! I enjoyed the people one best and especially loved numbers 1 and 4 😀

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your comment Sarah. I’m glad you picked a pair you liked and I agree, I’m most happy with the gallery of people. 😀

  4. 100 Country Trek Avatar

    These are amazing images of these people. Anita

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you Anita

  5. Greta DH Avatar

    I love B&W photography and you show us a great palette. Beautiful work, Anita.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words Greta.

  6. Sofia Alves Avatar

    I love the crispness of your b&w flowers, that white is brilliant.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you kindly for commenting Sofia.

  7. Kristallina Avatar

    Man skulle leka mera med b&w. Stora kontraster ger oftast jättefina foton då. Jag gillar alla. Kul att testa också.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Tack Kristallina, håller med, det är roligt att testa, speciellt då man ibland blir förvånad över resultatet. 😀

  8. bpz3 Avatar

    Som alltid spelar det ingen roll om du “ger dig på” färgbilder eller svartvita. Alla blir alltid perfekta:-)

    1. Anita Avatar

      Det var snällt sagt. Tack BP :))

  9. Egídio Avatar

    How can you not love the opening photo? Actually, all monochromes are really well presented. Beautiful photos!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you very much for your kind words Egídio.

  10. Mr. Ohh's Sideways View Avatar

    Wow So Vivid without Colour 🤣😎😊

  11. Paul Avatar

    Wonderful collection!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you Paul.

  12. Amy Avatar

    Your BW and Mono images are marvelous, Anita! These flowers are beautiful in mono. Love the expressions of people.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thank you very much for your kind comment Amy.

  13. Leya Avatar

    Amazing gallery, Anita! Love your dog of course, but the whole set is incredibly good. Flowers, people…The cameraman is a real treat, but so is the little girl in the waves. Beautifully done!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment Leya.
      Not that it matters but the girl in the water is a boy 😀

  14. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    Awesome flower photos Anita. I’m not keen on sepia pics myself.

    1. Anita Avatar

      Neither do I. The natural is the most beautiful. Thanks for commenting Mike and sorry for late response.

  15. Jag Avatar

    Svartvita bilder lyfter fram former och strukturer. Bilden på Felicia är suverän. Sen fastnar jag för fotografen, fotografierna och pojken i vattnet. Snyggt, mycket snyggt!

    1. Anita Avatar

      Tack för de fina lovorden 🙂

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